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Full Version: Look What A Corsa Did..
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Just seen this. I know everyone has a hatred of the c***a

And a pink one at that.
Personally I reckon that's a hanging offence.
I would go ape.
Ouch that's going to be one upset Aston owner. How they managed that God only knows...
Hold on the picture looks like there's barely a scratch on the Aston... Or is that my phone
Any scratch to an Aston owner is a write off apparently.

Quite doubt that's a write off... It's 'only' cosmetic damage from what I can see...


Stupid woman, how can you not control a shed like that anyway? Lucky if it hits 30 with a gale behind it...


its the door sills area, could have bent the chassis :/


..corsa woman should be shot lol


ouch that is going to hurt ! , at least it was not a fFord it hit lol


its the door sills area, could have bent the chassis :/


..corsa woman should be shot lol

It did not say it was a woman in the Corsa, it might have been a.... er....  Man 


Is it me or does it look like 2 shades of pink?


A Ford handles better - it would have at least made it round the roundabout a bit more and missed the Aston :)   


Valuable cars are sometimes not written off even if they are "totalled", because they are worth so much, they are often worth repairing even new shells/ total rebuilds were not uncommon 


This would never happen to James Bond! :lol:   


Some one just totalled 23 year old sons VTS (yes I know) when she pulled out of a side street and took the whole side off his car, then drove off without stopping. When the police caught up with her she said she didn't even remember doing it! Anyway good old police have let her off, not even points or a fine. Suspect if that had been my son he would have been in a cell.


Anyway he's now got himself a Clio sport 197, looks good and mighty fast so at least something good come out of it.


That's outrageous, I hope they managed to pass the insurance on?

Clear case of driving without due care and attention (under section 2 of the road traffic act 1991), the penalty should have been anything between up to £5000 fine and between 3 and 9 points.

Leaving the scene of an accident is an arrestable and inprisonable offence and should have at least lead to revocation of her license and will usually also result in voiding of her insurance policy.

Her statement that she didn't "remember it" is a clear statement of guilt and she should have been charged.

I think the Officers that dealt with the incident should be brought to task.


Can't agree more but what can he do? He got a letter from police saying he could take out a civil case but what would he get out of that, and what effect would it have on her?  


If he has legal cover on his insurance policy then it won't cost him anything.

The effect on the other driver is that she will be brought to book for what she should have been prosecuted for.

I'm saddened to see that my "Fellow Officers" are obviously being 'slack' in their duties.


Clive get a transfer to halifax n sort em out will ya


Clive get a transfer to halifax n sort em out will ya


I'd go through them like a dose of salts ;)

I detest slovenly Officers.


He does have legal cover. Will tell him to speak to them and see what they say, will keep you posted.


He picked up his Clio sport 197 on Saturday, very nice, and very fast and seems pretty well built for a French car. Shame about the 2 feet of snow we have got so he can't give it a real run. Looking forward to driving it myself, but still prefer Ford to anything French.


I would persue this if at all possible, no matter what the police say, if, or should i say when this goes to court ask your solicitor/barrister if there is any way she can be brought to book for leaving the scene of the accident, it's idiot drivers like these that


A get away with it, and


B push our insurance up


He definitely needs to pursue the legal side, she seems to have been dealt with very lightly.

Please do keep us updated as to the outcome.


A similar thing happened to me back in 2009, young lad who had only had his licence for 7 months, in a toyota starlet totalled my mondeo when he tried to cut across the front of me, nearly taking the front wing and bonnet with him, then shot off up the road, i gave chase and cornered him in a bus stop.


 At the time i didn't know it was an arrestable offence, (Thanks clive for that), or i would have called the local constabulary out.


We did the usual, exchanged names ect, and i said i would call him so we could exchange insurance details, well i tried and tried but his mobile was always switched off and had no answerphone, eventually after 3 or four days his father rang me, i tried to explain what i wanted, and i was passed onto his older brother, who was beligerant to say the least, it was only when i told him that it was an offence under the road traffic act for the driver not to give the insurance details and if i didn't get them i would have no other recourse but to report it to the police, that reluctantly the younger brother, (Driver), gave me the details.


The upshot of it was that a year later he took me to court saying it was my fault and not his, however at the time of the collision i had an ambulance following me, the driver witnessed the entire incident and went to court for me.


Needless to say the outcome was somewhat guaranteed in my favour, but it still caused havoc when i went to renew my insurance

It is frustrating when you have a collision and you were not to blame but your insurance company stuffs you over.
When my car was clobbered by a biker last year while parked and un-occupied my company still suspended my no claims until the case was completed.
I reckon the git wouldn't have stopped except his leg was broken.
Annoyingly all the damage his bike sustained was a broken clutch lever and a drained out tank.
The petrol staining is still on the road like a permanent reminder.

Insurance companies more like rip off companies, I think "reclaim your misold PPi" companies are probably more honest!


Son has now got his settlement cheque and his claim settled with no fault agreed so keeps his no claims, was still a very stressful period getting his new car covered however whilst it was suspended,even though they knew the other driver had accepted her fault. And why do they have to charge for absolutely every minor amendment to your policy, £25 admin fee here £25 admin fee there is there no end to it. Yes of course he can claim it back as out of pocket expenses through his compo in a couple of months but still has to fork it out in the first place. Absolutly no sympathy or help from the insurer at all, "sorry sir you have no choice but to pay or we will cancel your cover!" I could swear,no honestly I really could.


Still awaiting news on what his solicitor thinks about the police lack of action.

At least some compensation.
Insurance companies know that you have to deal with them by law and milk it to the extreme.

Yeh I might have to refer this to Martin Lewis moneysavingexpert and get him on the case,haha.

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