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Full Version: I Cracked My Head - Twice. >:(
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...on the lumpy bit where the lock is on the boot lid.


See, for some reason when I pull the boot lid up, it doesn't go as far up as it used to.  It stops about twelve inches short.  I'm 6ft 3in.  You can guess the rest.  It goes up and stays up if I push it, but I didn't have to do that until recently and I've come a cropper with it twice in as many days.


The struts either side of the boot lid - is there anything that can be done to service them somehow and make them operate like they used to, or will I need to replace?  If I bash my head on it even once more, I'm probably going to punch the damn thing.


Note: I don't want springs added which make the boot lid go right up as soon as the boot release is pressed.

Because of the cold you will find that the air in the pistons is denser so they will perform differently.
My pistons sit lower in cold weather too, and have done on about 5 previous cars I've owned.

Hmm, maybe you're right.  My last car was a Focus saloon which I had for nearly eight years, so I didn't have this problem!

giving the inner rods of the struts and the points where the struts mount a good squirt of wd40 or similar can help this....

I'm not a big fan of WD40.  I generally hate the stuff for anything other than penetrating rusted bolts.


Is it easy to disassemble it to do that?  I haven't really had a close look but if it's easy to do, a quick squirt of PTFE lubricant might help things along.

tbh, your probably right, wd wouldnt be the ideal lube for this, ptfe or penetrating oil would be more suitable.
no need to dismantle, just open the boot lid, use a rag soaked in lube of choice to run over the exposed rod..

cold weather can play a part in the problem, but have often found lube will work...dont forget the mounting points too, especially if they are the ball/socket design

My car was on a bit of a diet, i found when i removed the rear wiper & motor the tailgate stayed up much better, (due to the lighter weight), im thinking about fitting perspex (half the weight of glass) - it would probably spring up/ stay up even better then, even in the coldest of weather....   

if the lid isnt staying up, better off fitting new struts, thats a seperate problem to a lid not rising fully/very slowly

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