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Full Version: New Back Screen/window For Streetka
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Hi, I live near Worthing West Sussex and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a new back window/screen for my Streetka. I folded the hood and the screen has split in two places and is damaged beyond repair. Ford charge an arm and a leg so will probably have to fork out in the end but was just wondering if anyone knows anywhere that I could get one cheaper. I have been quoted £100.00 to fit it when I get it.

Here's hoping :)


First, welcome to the Forum.

Right, down to your question-

Try this if you feel you can give fitting a go yourself-


If you're not confident or may be unsure of your own skills i'm sure a local garage will fit it for about an hours labour.


I reckon that this is your best course of action as i'm sure Ford will charge far more for the window and also loads more for labour too.


Brilliant; thankyou :)

You're welcome anytime.

Hi, I have had the same thing happen to mine. I did some reseach on the internet and found a place in France that charge £95.00 for a replacement which includes delivery. I haven't ordered one yet myself but hoping to soon. I have also been in contact with this company via email and they have said the screen is easy to fit yourself and comes with full instructions on how to do it. Hope this helps! I would appreciate some feedback if you do decide to order one of these. Their website address is and you can order on-line.


I had the same issue and actually changed the screen myself using the ebay link stoney871 has posted above. Very good screen, easy step by step instructions, took me 45 mins to do and that was fitting it twice as first attempt was slightly off-centre. A bit fiddly to do if the roof is still fixed to the car but a lot less hassle than removing the whole roof. Nice little bonus too is if you send him your broken screen once you've changed it he'll give you some money back too as he recycles the zips onto new screens. Dont be afraid to do it yourself, i'm no mechanic and it really wasnt that difficult.

Hi I fitteed my new back window no bother and yes  was from a company in france they posted it over within the week very easy to fit and sent a video link to  fit the wee window and you know when you have a convertible they will say the window gets brittle in the winter and its obvious it will crack


So easy step to fit your window is  where the zip joins take out the metal cover and then unzip the window take out all of the excess glue and make sure its all clear you get the window and the glue bit with the new window its very very easy to  replace it  hope this helps you all if you get the cracked back window


hi Cristal Cabloret  the guys name is Dave that makes these and they are a perfect fit  and very easy to fit dont pay to get it fitted as you can do it yourself i  think) window is easy to replace

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