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Full Version: What Is This Part?
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The big black bit. ...
Bump :)
Forgive me as I'm on my phone and may not be able to see other info...

What car/model/engine/year??
Focus 2006 TDCI Sport. This is the fuse compartment in passenger footwell. The object keeps buzzing whenever I have a cutting out/will not restart issue.....
I believe it's the main power connection from the engine fusebox.
If you have buzzing I'd say there's a loose connection.
Try pushing the block, you might find it seats better and see how you go from there.
I tried but nothing. I have an on going issue. Its driving me made. In garage tomorrow ££££ :(
To me, buzzing is usually indicative of an electrical short.
It must be a loose connection in there somewhere.

Video of my issue ▲▲▲
Not sure if thats worked. But the videos called 'Make the Buzzing Stop! What's the problem?' on youtube
could have a bad earth connection somewhere.
Well, its been in the garage all day and were none the wiser. ...

sounds like a relay buzzing to me,have you tried removing and refitting the relay

Still have issue. 2 garages have been unable to find fault. I am very stressed!!!!!!

As mintalkin said sounds like a relay to me aswell, have you tried removing the relay next to the plug (the black cuby thingy). Or just put your finger on it and see if it is what is buizzing.


It also only happens when you put the plug clamp back on, which seems to be stressing at leasty one of the cables. Try just pushing each wire towards the bulkhead in turn and see if you can cause the buzzing without put the clamp back on.

I've removed it which stops the buzzing.

I'm a bit confused what you mean by; "Try just pushing each wire towards the bulkhead"
this is just a connector, the buzzing will be coming from somewhere else...would be a help if you can track where the buzzing is to start with...highly unlikely its the connector itself.
have you tried pulling fuses one at a time to see if/when buzzing stops [might not just be the one fuse, so just make a note of which and how many fuses]...that way at least you narrow it down to a particular cicuit...
once you know the circuit then disconnect the wiring plugs of destination of that cicuit and see if it buzzes when fuse is in place...
for eg...if pulling the fuse for headlights stops the buzz, then replace the fuse and pull the plug on back of headlight and see if that stops it...if it does then check bulb, if it doesnt then inspect the wiring between headlight/fusebox etc etc..
only way forward is process of have to start by finding the exact circuit causing the problem.
Thanks. I now have to wait for it to cut out AND do the buzzing thing as it doesnt always do this
Lots have suggested bad earth?

try the engine bay fuse box if theres water in there or a faulty relay it will feed through

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