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Hi there everybody. Just picked up an 07 1.8TDCI zetec. its a bit of a ferrari at the mo cos the engine is in the boot, or at least some is, the rest is on the back seat, footwells etc.  I have no idea what was the original problem but the cam shaft is missing.  I'm thinking it would be easier to just source another lump to drop in her and quicker.  My question is what engines are a direct fit (if any) apart from the 1.8 tdci as they seem as rare as rocking horse brains. I dont mind 1.6 or 2.0, just need to know what years etc. what other year 1.8 fits, is it 06 - 2010?


i think someone on here has done this before but went from a 2.0 to an 1.8 had to change looms ecu and g/box then it wouldnt start had to get someone to fiddle about with the elecs on the clocks or something like that as for sitting in the engine bay any should fit as long as you have all the bits an bobs i,e exhaust mounts g/box loom ecu far easier to source the rockin horse doo doo .


ok, thanks for that neil, spose i'll try and source the 1.8 any ideas what years match the 07?


i'm contemplating rebuilding what I have, I know I need a cam shaft, my main problem with this is I have never worked on a diesel engine before, should this be a major cause for concern? I'd need a pretty in depth manual to guide me on this, are there any such publications, I'm not sure a haynes would have all the info or would it? any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I think the only special tools you will need is the locking pins for the crank camshaft and fuel pump inperative the timimg is spot on otherwise much the same as rebuilding a petrol engine just take your time where the timing is concerned check and double check especially if it has what they term as a floating crank you will know if it has as there will be no woodruff key in the crank pulley.the haynes manuals are pretty good in my opinion i know some dont rate them but apart from doing a web search for pics of the timing set up procedure i dont see what alternative there really is .really i,d say its not that daunting if your used to working on an engine especially if its out of the car (more room to work)hope it all goes well.

i wouldnt even bother since you have no idea what was wrong with it to start off with cracked head or warped worn pistons or rings the list is endless if you want to do it then you would want to replace everything such as pistons and rings etc no point rebuilding an engine to find out its duff


Thats a fair comment arthur i was assuming ben knew what the problem was from the previous owner should be able to source a replacement though try them national breaker searches on the net should be able to come up with something.

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