2005 (55) Mk3.5 2.0 TDCi (130) Euro IV.


The engine's a bit rattly at low RPM, 78,000 on the clock.  I changed the aux belt, tensioner, crank pulley and idlers already but that didn't really help.


I have an F-Super and FORmiDable 2.3 (I think).


It's my understanding that recoding the injectors will force recalibration and reduce/get rid of the rattle.  Is this correct?


Obviously this is a field I'm not very clued up on, so what's the correct process for doing this?  I read somewhere that the engine has to be stone cold beforehand, so I figure I'll need the ignition on Pos 2?


I'm also aware that the injectors will need replacing sooner or later - don't mind doing that myself when the time comes, but I don't currently have any error codes so I don't think I need to go to those lengths just yet.  The rattle is more of an annoyance than actually causing any running problems.