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Full Version: Mondeo Tdci 130 Zetec S
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just after picking some brains out there i have a 2004 zetec s tdci which the cam chain had jumped on it so i have replaced this along with all the sprockets and tensioners like you do put it all back together timed up spot on with all the correct pins and links in right place but does not run still

engine cranks over at around 230-240 rpm
fuel pressure is roughly around 330000kpa

will start and run on the dreaded easy start but soon as you stop spraying just cuts out again.

done leak back test all is fine on that front
high pressure pump is all ok

check the cam and crank sensors for signs of contamination,


Thanks for that i have had the crank sensor out to put timing pin in but that seemed fine no metal shards dust/dirt on it

i will take cam one out tomorrow.


would theses bring fault codes up as there is none present ??


i have heard that these need to be synced to each other is that right as i will check that too.


injectors have all been recoded in also




Checked both sensors and both are ok
Everything says it should fire
Injectors and firing
Rpm 235
Pressure 410 bar
All injectors coded
But still don't fire
Compression is ok

Any ideas would help please

did you get the codes from the label or from the injectors themselves,i take it the injectors were coded in firing order and not physical ?

Hi injectors were coded in firing order and from the injectors themselves for the codes
I am going to take timing cover back off and double check that
Just seems strange that it will start on ether but nothing else
Had cover off and timing is fine changed both cam and crank sensor but still no joy anything else it could be cheers Chris
Is it definitely got a good fuel pump? Had a car diesel pump go once & it just wouldnt catch,but if i sprayed a bit carb cleaner down inlet manifold it caught for 10secs then died again. Eventually even that wouldnt make it catch

hi i have fuel pressure at the rail when cranking its like the injectors aint firing just wondered if there could be anything else that could stop them.

Just a quick update had the car running started it with easy start then throttled it and it kept running on its own diesel wahoo but once stopped throttling it just died then to start again had to use easy start then would run on its own diesel again till let throttle off any ideas would be appreciated also was smoking white smoke
When my 406 hdi fuel pump went i had same symptom(white smoke&wouldnt start)
In fact ur last post was identical to what mines was doing. Gradually it got worse & wouldnt start at all,even with easy start.

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