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Full Version: Nexus 7 Or Ipad Mini
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I already own the original Samsung galaxy tab 10.1, but its come to the time of year where i need to replenish my gadget armory  im wondering if any of you guys have either and what you think of them, i will be using it for sky go and a few other little tasks and probably sharing it with other family members.





Nexus 7 , is pure Android , i have seen loads of good reviews. Ipad mini , is lacking in screen compared to its bigger brother , plus it's Apple ! haha


Nexus 7 , is pure Android , i have seen loads of good reviews. Ipad mini , is lacking in screen compared to its bigger brother , plus it's Apple ! haha

Yeh i normally have a weird kind of hate of apple, i have always had iPod touches and that has led me into buying films and TV shows from there store, and while i would love to save the money on the nexus i cant for some reason see it being as good as they say, i have found that BBC iplayer and sky go have a poor quality on android devices while on ios it is really clear, but the mini is about £80 more and is a mere shadow in the specification battle. Im an android warrior but im fed up with poor developers creating turd apps on android.  


i bought my Missus a nexus 7 n she really rates it. reckons it would of been better if it had a camera on the back though


Nexus 7 all the way, the only reason I don't have one, is that I can't justify needing a 5" phone AND a tablet :lol:


Thats the thing, im as tight as anybody's but i just love new gadgets and toys i suppose, as i said i already have a 10 inch Samsung tablet but i find it hellish trying to carry it around and transport, i just got my mobile upgrade and chose the Sony Xperia T, that's great but its kind of an in the middle size now, between the 10 inch and the 7, im just not sure, to suppress my need for a purchase i went down the shops and brought myself a Far Cry 3. Its the apps that tempt me to spend more, the sky sports app looks great on Ipad while the android version is naff, i think android deserves more in depth work from developers now its kind of boring. HATE APPLE!!!!!!



Tell you what else we need an FOC app, that would be proper. 


I have a Nexus 7 and my gf has a Ipad.


Up until I had my Nexus for christmas I wouldn't touch anything unless it was Apple but in all honesty I much prefer my Nexus now. Can do nothing but highly recommend it and its a fair bit cheaper than the iPad mini


Hope nobody from apple looks in here its turning into the Nexus 7 show, what battery life are you lot getting, my mate has one and says it goes flat in 4 hours with load.


Go for the Nexus 7, if you haven't already bought it, they are rumored to be refreshing it in June or July (might get announced at Google Conference tomorrow)


If you have got one, then its a really good tablet!


I have the Tab II 7.0 and it's epic, just the right size to watch videos and read Kindle books on.

Battery life is very good too.


I have the Tab II 7.0 and it's epic, just the right size to watch videos and read Kindle books on.

Battery life is very good too.

The new note 8.0 has thrown a great old spanner in the works, im struck now between either replacing my 10 inc-her all together or getting something small to take to work and around with me, its a fair old list i can rattle off


  • nexus 7 3g
  • nexus 10
  • surface rt
  • note 10.1
  • note8.0
  • ipad mini 


i really cant decide, im also stuck between either building myself a pc or buying a new laptop, im awful with money i can save and save until i get to the point where i must buy something, and then i tight so its a difficult job, or i could just scrap all of those and save up for a fiesta ST500, or new fiesta. desicions decisions, pole position is the note 8 i think, thanks for the responses this far.


Ipad Mini in my opinion.


or even better Ipad retina.


I always make the mistake of not buying the best thing possible and then regretting not spending the extra money.


I bought an Ipad retina a few months ago and now I wish I had bought a Macbook Pro instead. 


I love the Nexus 7, I have the 16gb version and I got it free :D took out a contract that was only £3 more a month than I was spending on topups, so for about £70 more than I was paying for PAYG over two years, I got a free £60 phone and the Nexus 7 (about £125?) I love it.


The android apps are all flexible, the games play really well, the screen is big enough but not too big, extremely responsive and just an excellent piece of kit! I don't regret for one second getting it!

A bloke at work has a nexus 10 though and i have to admit it has that ipad feel to it, looks really thin aswell, might go for one of them when i have sorted my Air con out.

Right i pulled the trigger earlier on, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, i will report back in later days with an opinion.


The Note is a good tablet, it fairs well in competition with the ipad and the nexus, so you should find you have a good buy there!

How much did you pay for it? Looks like a nice tablet.

How much did you pay for it? Looks like a nice tablet.



I have to say it is quite impressive, it is the 16Gb WiFi model, i was extremely pleased when i opened the amazon box to discover that Samsung bundle it with a 16Gb sd card as well saving me some cash in the process, i find the S pen a nice way to navigate through everything and the S Note software is nowhere short of amazing, i also have to say that it makes IOS look bland and boring touch wiz has come along nicely since the last update for my Tab 10.1, the size will be perfect for work when Samsung decide to release the official cases in the UK, that brings me to tonight's new question should i get the Stand pouch or book cover? i am liking the look of the lime green ones. Oh and one final thing is that after all of my hatred of white products mainly from seeing apple devices in white this one seems to hit the spot quite nicely it even has an apple feel and look to it (surprise,surprise). 

Here's a little motoring image tweaked with the note.

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