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Full Version: Focus Tdci Has No Oil Pressure At All
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Hi People,


Ford focus 1.8 TDCI 02 plate, changed the oil and filter after a head rebuild, started the car up and programmed the injectors, i noticed that the top end was starting to knock a bit, completed a compression test on all cylinders and this was fine, good compression across all four, completed an oil pressure test and noticed that there was no pressure at all.... i mean nothing! i've never seen this before and just wondered if anyone had any idea what could cause this! the oil pump was working fine before the cylinder head removal.

Many thanks.


Have a read here.
Probably you have the oil pump broken. Try to change. I mean, I'm gessing that you already checked the level of the oil
Why did you rebuild the head? Because if it was because you broke something the most right that happened was that the oil system hovered something. You may even have to change the filter again

Hi, did put a post on just now but it seems to have gone! anyway, thanks for your reply, the head was removed as it needed a complete de-coke! no thanks to a dodgy EGR valve that seems to have been wrong for a long time! The oil and filter was re-done after head rebuild and the car was started, originally got the car with faulty injectors! these were new and re-programmed. The sump was taken off yesterday and noticed an almost Bronze/Copper fragments in the base of the pan! i really think that the oil pump has broken down! pain really as it was running ok before the head was done! WHen i done the oil pressure test, the engine had no pressure at all! never seen that before!

Thanks for your help! anymore ideas would be helpful...... Kind of don't want to remove the engine but if i have to then sobeit.

That car was a racer for sure. You have a big problem there, I don't even know how to say this but if the bronze was out you will need to spend a lot of money to fix that because the mechanic needs to check if the camshaft is ok and then put a new one. If you know how to check with your own hand you only need new bronzes

Hi, i assume you mean the camshaft bearing shells, the camshaft was polished and the shells showed no signs of wear! i will strip down the top end again to have a look, hoping the crankshaft has not perrished as this is an engine out job! not a problem just don't want to spend no more time/money on it!


Thanks again! i can agree with the boy racer thing as the chap i got it off stated that he sold it three times but the buyers backed out! should have known better as half of the engine was in the boot! Oh well.... we live and learn.


Hi Guys, just a quick update on the focus! Checked the camshaft and bearing shells, show no sign of wear and tear! took off the oil pump and this seems to working ok, took it apart and shows no sign of wear and all parts are complete! very concerned now as i feel that the bottom end may have perished! waiting for a bit of sunshine before i pull the engine out!


Been looking into this and i cannot find anywhere where the oil pressure is zero! 5psi is low but the was nothing! i checked the oil pressure tester on another car and the tester works ok.


Thanks guys

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