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Full Version: Ford Sport Ka Duratec Starting Issues When Cold
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A question for my first proper post. Hope that's ok.

When cold my 04 sportka won't start unless I thrash the engine it won't hold tick over and cuts out. It eventually holds. This only happens when overnight cold. If I leave it a few hours it starts fine.

It had full service yesterday.

Any ideas guys
The problem was there before the service. I just thought New plugs oil etc might have solved the problem but it didn't.
Well thanks for the plethora of responses.

If it shed's any light on things it fires and cut's out first 2 attempts and catches on the 3rd.

It may just be a sticky Idle Control Valve. Its a bit of a pain to get to on the SportKA. You need a 3 year olds fingers and a small ring spanner as well as removing the throttle body to get at it.

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