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Full Version: Focus Mk2 Coil Pack Replacement
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well the time came at 75k when the coil pack finally needed replaced

symptoms were rough intermittent idle with slight vibration through the car and a missfire at idle which caused the eml to come on then go off again


so new coil pack now ford ask silly money so i hit ebay instead and got a genuine bosch one thats supplied on the car from the factory for less than £30 delivered


removal is a simple process you require a t25 torq bit and a small ratchet to do the job some advise removing the negative battery terminal ive never had to so thats up to you really


first theres a black pipe that runs across the top of the coil this simply unclips in situ to give access

next remove spark plug leads 3 and 4 no need to do the rest

next undo the 4 t25 torq screws

the coil is now free and you can push the connector clip in on the underside to remove


fitting is just a reversal of the above making sure the pipe is clipped back into place


as for leads i have examined the ford leads and there is a small symbol marked on the lead which indicates it is a bosch product so you can save youreself a lot of money buying genuine bosch leads as a replacement as they are half the price of what ford charge


good result arthur mate



could it be the coils thats causing my fault code p2303?

Thats the code for the coil pack i always change plugs leads and coil pack but ide say its the coil pack same fault code i had

thoughtso. would it be this that made my check engine light come on then?

It did with mine youll have the bosch one as well on youres which was part number just so you can check its on the top of the pack part number 0221 503 485 you get them here with the pack replaced the code will clear itself

nice one mate i'll have to do this at some point



do you reckon it needs to be replaced soon?


as i haven't really had any symptoms n the car has been driving fine


must be about a month or 2 ago now maybe more, the engine light came on at 2 occasions during a week. basically i was driving around as normal, the first time i'd drove to tesco with the missus, done the shoppin, got back in the car but on driving back home i noticed the eml now stayed on


turned the car off n on a few times to see if it was a glitch but it stayed on. done the trip computer diagnostic mode but on doing this the light cleared itself immediately



few days later i drove to birmingham, no problems. few days after that i got back in the car to drive back to nottingham but on starting the car, the eml light stayed on again. done the trip computer again n this cleared it again.


about a week later i returned to birmingham n had my mechanic do a diagnostic n it spat out p2303. we googled it n it come up with it being the coil pack n he said its a cheap easy replace that i could do myself n just to keep my eyes on it n if the eml comes back on to think about changing the coil pack



like i said this was all a few months ago now n the eml aint come back on since n the car's still seems to be driving beautifully with no symptoms.


do you reckon its alright or still reckon its worth changing the coil pack now?


just thought, could this also cause my car to not start?


dunno if you remember but many months ago i had starting troubles where it took 2-4 attempts before the car would start


but this seemed to of been solved by running a can of bg44k through me pipes n it's started first time every time since even in bad weather

There was clearly a fault at that time the missfire wouldnt have been noticeable until the car had been idling a while i had the same as you light came and went ford found the same code and left it idling a while and the missfire happened twice then cleared apparently its common for the price of a coil and ten minutes under the bonnet ide just replace it better that than causing damage to the cat or failing when you dont need it to
Yeah it causes starting problems as its mainly the number one coil that goes first intermittantly ford mech told me on the foci youll notice slight hesitation vibration in the cabin poor starting and a few others

cant say i've noticed any problems at all though, if it wasn't for the eml light coming on twice a few months ago i'd of never thought anything was wrong. ever since running bg44k through aint had any starting problems either



your right though and i've got a 4hour drive to wales next month then another 4hours back so i think i'll get this replaced before then so i dont end up having any problems on the long drive



nice one mate very helpful as always


to be honest i never noticed much either but what the hell its not expensive and easy to do with this weather i wasnt risking it


tell the mrs im helpfull shell vote you britains funniest comedien lol

Lol your very helpful mate n i'd say it to her face

when it comes to cars anyway, can't comment on anything else

thanks :wub:  anyway hopefully thats you sorted ive still got the leads to do but its brass monkeys and blowing a gale outside my window looks like a scene from the day after tomorrow


Lol no problem. Just thought, the way you said in your first post bout its come to 75k n the coil pack finally needs replacing.. My motors just gone past the 100k mark so thats a bit worrying. Should my coil pack have been changed long before now?

Its a blizzard here mate, fed up of seeing the snow falling, the skys completely white and theres a few inches of white carpet on the ground. Cant even see the car

Im used to the coil pack giving up early as it was a common fault on the mk1 the placement means it gets a lot of heat so it breaks down quicker

Theres not really a specific mileage mate they just go when they go some fail at 30-40k some 70-80k some last longer given the fault code and light from past experience with the mk1 its a slow start to the eventual breakdown of the coil so when it happens its safer for the relative cheap price just to do it same with the leads

Weve had the snow already its still blowing through just not settling its just bad wind 5, mins outside and you feel as if youre face has been sandblasted wasnt ideal weather to change a coil pack but it has to be done lol dont worry that it hasnt been changed the focus coil pack usually is only evident theres a fault when the engines nice and warm and youre stationary at idle after a few minutes you feel the vibration a change in engine tone briefly etc since its so bloody cold and the engine doesnt get that hot you wouldn't notice

hopefully my leads don't need replacing n i'll just get a coil pack ordered soon n get it fitted before the month is out



i think its snowed here near enough every day for the past week or so. had a few clear days then the other day its just done nothing but snow again.


this is what i'm currently looking out at



not the weather for changin coil packs lol or hydro dipping for that matter  :(

I did it when it was 4 times that deep blowing a blizzard i just stuck a big towel over the bonnet with some pegs holding it on and crawled under thats no snow thats just a bit damp you english a tell ya lol

Bosch made the whole ignition system for the car and the ford leads if you look have a small white logo thats the bosch logo so £27 buys all 4 bosch leads if they did need done

lol it was worse than that but it started to melt n now its started snowin again. i'm not fussed though i would go out n do it in this, but i need to order it n get it delivered first lol


i'm just more annoyed that i aint been able to do any hydro dipping cause i've got it all sat waiting to do but i need a dry warm place to let it all dry n harden for a few days

Never tried mate seen it done a while ago was popular amoung airgunners to get camo dip done the kitchen will do i was always in trouble for that mrs would find spray painted parts drying all over the kitchen with a small plug in heater going

cant do it inside mate cause its a very stinky process n the last time i did it inside the whole house was full of fumes n every one was choking


i can get away with bringing the sprayed part inside to do the actual dip as long as i'm quick but the activator even takes my breath away even though i wear a mask


but as far as spraying n leaving to dry its gotta be outside in the shed

Problem solved chuck em all in the shed and use the house lol an extension cable and a small bnq £7 heater would do it or would you blow up from the fumes

lol don't tempt me mate


have been thinking about getting some sort of heater for the shed



anyway concerning the coil pack i think i'll get one ordered soon n i'll let you know how i get on fitting


any probs drop me a bell


nice one mate


should be easy enough going from your OP

Out of curiosity do you know what colour the speaker wires are to the rear pass and driver side i wrote it down and cant soddin find it now

you know mate for the life of me i can't remember  :blink:


its a fair few months back now that i had my door cards n b pillars off


i'm sure someone must know the answer though, how come you need to know anyway?

Passenger side rear speakers caput and i really cant be bothered taking the door cards off and drilling out rivets etc so i was gonna extend the wires from the passenger and driver footwells to the rear and stick a set in the parcel shelf no biggie ill just pop the stereo back out again
Jo Sherwood
Can anyone please help me I'm female and know nothing about cars and what Im actually on about!! I have a 1998 Ford Focus and a few days ago started to judder, lose power and engine smelt terrible driving back home. My dad thought it was the coil pack as cylinders 1 & 4 wasn't working, so I went and got a new coil pack, that was fitted and still 1&4 not working. He had a small code reader that was plugged in under the steering wheel and the cod PO351 came up. Anyone know what to try next?

thats a signal fault from the coil pack wiring plug it was common on that year and needs the wiring checked as it was prone to splits ford actually sell a new piece of wiring to repair the broken ones also cheap coil packs dont work on the focus genuine ford ones give less hassle also you should change plugs and leads as a faulty coil will damage the leads so you put a new coil in and the leads cause another misfire and ruin the coil pack again did he clear the original code first as well if he didnt then the car thinks its still misfiring try clearing the fault and see if it comes back first

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