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Full Version: Is It Cheaper To Have Your Injectors Reconditioned Than Buying New Ones
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fish 10

is it cheaper to have your injectors reconditioned as you havent got to re code them as well when you put them back in ,and is it an easy job if you got the tools to takethem out and replace them many thanks.


I was talking to a guy today that did his own.He said its the valves that go on them mostly. He got a kit for £200 and odd & did it himself.Said it worked perfectly. If you want me to phone him,I can ask him where he bought the kit from.

But to be honest,you're better off taking the car to a diesel specialist & get someone who knows exactly what he's doing,as they'll have done many many injector overhauls etc. If you make a mess of them,it'd be an expensive mistake to then have to buy 4 NEW injectors,no?

fish 10

what i meant was would it be cheaper to take them out my self and send them of to be reconditioned,and would they need re codeing when i put them back in,2 weeks ago i paid £245 to have 1 new injector fitted in the garage now 2 weeks later glow plug flashing same problem this time its number3  above knock thresh hold,i paid a lot of money for this car and ive had it only 5wks its a nice car but allways problems i thought it might be a cheaper fix if i done it my self many thanks

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