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Full Version: Motorway Mpg On Mk1 Focus - 2.0L Petrol
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Hi guys - I'm curious about the MPG I can expect from this engine when cruising at a steady 60, I understand it won't be anywhere near as good as the 1.6 but I'd rather have the extra power when scooting about.


I'll only be doing one or two long trips a month but nevertheless, I'm wondering what I can expect from it.


i have 2.0L SI, the consuption wen cruising is rediculous...It is better on the long trips. But wat i like on it is the power. Pushing 107kw @6000rpm standard.

I have changed the pipe with downpipe and now im on 112kw on the wheels. And it sound nice...

I would expect 37 mpg motorway or less around town low to mid 20s

It should be pretty good on a long run. My old Mk3 Mondeo 2.0 Ghia used to do 41mpg on a Motorway run without driving like a Granny.

Mr Singh

we had a 2.0l focus MK1 and i managed to do 419 miles on one tank (of v-power). went from leeds to leamington spa to heathrow (me and mum) and back to leeds with my sister and her suitcase, nice steady run at 60, i recall seeing 37ish MPG on that particular run. loved the car and engine but it was getting on a bit (10 years old) when we got our 1.6 saloon over 2 years ago

Really it depends on the roads more up than down means lower mpg more down than up higher mpg etc

My Mk1 Focus 2.0i Ghia would give an average of about 38.9mpg, then on a longish run it would creep upto 45mpg.  The best figure was 48.6mpg that was the trip over the side of the country to collect the Mk2.5 Focus 2.0tdci Titanium from Jennings Ford, South Sheilds.  If anyone knows where Y302MHJ is let me know, I'd like to know where she is and how she's doing?

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