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Full Version: Open The Bonnet ??
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Irish Paddy
Hi all,

Last week I became a Ford owner for the first time. I finally read the manual and learnt how to open the bonnet using the key to open it behind the front badge. So the manual said turn the key left and pop the bonnet up a bit. Then turn it right and open it up. When I turn the key left, nothing happens. I try to pop the bonnet using reasonable force both on the key and the bonnet itself but it doesn't budge. How much force should I be applying when I turn the key ? I'm afraid the key will snap off. Maybe it needs some oil or something ?

Is it a mk3 or mk4 Mondeo (2007 is the change-over)


The bonnet should "pop up" a little when you turn the key to the left, if its not doing anything catch could be jammed/ siezed


If you only have 1 key i would be careful not to put too much force on it - just got to use your jugement

Irish Paddy
It's the mk3. I do have a second key but what I think I'll do is spray some wd40 in the key hole and try to angle the straw in around the mechanism as well. Then in a while I'll give it another go. At the moment I can just about feel the torsional tension in the key when I'm turning it, that's how much measured force I'm using and I thought it couldn't be right.

Thanks for the reply ;)

Try turning the key while pushing the front of the bonnet down with your hand, this can relieve some of the tension on the lock mechanism.


this is a common problem on the mark3 if the above does not work it could be a broken rod which will need replacing see the first link here.

Irish Paddy
Seems to be a fairly common problem alright. I finally got the bonnet open. I found that if I wiggle the key in the lock while turning it left the bonnet popped up, and then turning it right was no problem. Maybe through wear and tear the mechanism is a little "loose" but now I know the trick.

Thanks again all for your help !

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