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Full Version: Mk2 Focus Stereo Upgrade
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Hi all, i've recently bought a 2005 mk2 focus zetec and i'm somewhat underwhelemed by the standard audio system. Is it worth upgrading the 6000 head unit to the Sony unit fitted to the higher end models? and what is the standard speaker size? can someone reccomend a plug and play option that would give me a better audio experience.








I upgraded mine from the standard 6000 to the Sony 6 disc one and it's far better, sound through the speakers is nice and crisp with plenty of bass.


For this type of radio be sure that it's not from a Mondeo as else it won't fit (it's wider, deeper and the faceplate is wider at the top whereas the one for a  focus is smaller and the faceplate is a rectangle)


Another option is the Sony Gen2 radio-


Or if you want to dress it up a bit more get one like this -


and follow my guide here-



The speakers are a real faff to change as it involves removing the door cards and drilling out rivets.

You would need wiring and speaker adaptors and tbh won't get as much improvement as you'd think.


Thanks for the great reply, was looking at the sony units for the Mondeos and wondering if they were the same. i might stick with the standard speakers for the time being and see what a change in H/U makes. I'm sure i read somewhere Titanium models had upgraded speakers or am i just making this up?


Oh and one more question, i'd like like ipod connectivity. Is this possible with the Sony unit?




There are three ways to add iPod connectivity,-


Use the Ford aux connection which just gives you a loop-through option unless like me you use a Griffin iTrip like this-


Or you add a USB converter, you then have full control of the iPod via the wheel controls but no track listings on the radio-


Or you add the full Ford Bluetooth system which requires the wiring, microphone and a Bluetooth module which is a real hassle to find cheaply and get working.


I currently have as stated an iTrip and a non standard aux cable coming out from where the lighter socket is in the cubbyhole so the cable plugs straight into the controller.


My iPod then just sits in the tray on the centre console and charges while playing, all controlled by the buttons on the iTrip.

I find it quite handy as then I can switch on mobile internet on my phone and have internet radio through the car without having to add a DAB radio or anything else like that.

The beauty of the iTrip is that it also transmits to an unused radio channel if you don't have an aux cable installed.

In my view the Ford fitted aux connection is a bit hit and miss at times but never had any problems with the one I listed above.


ok thanks, gives me something to think about

Glad to be of service.

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