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Full Version: Should I Swap A 2009 Mondeo Estate 2.2 Tdci For A Focus 1.6 Tdci?
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Hi all,


I can do with some sound advice. I'm running a 2008 Mondeo Estate Titanium X 2.2 TDCI and as I am mostly driving it in town, the fuel bill is getting too high - so I am thinking about "swapping" it for a Ford Focus Estate 1.6 TDCI.

Apart from the obvious reduction in road tax, does anyone have any idea about the expected reduction in fuel usage and/or maintenance?


I was offered a straight swap for my Mondeo with a Focus Estate Titanium 1.6 TDCI (both cars are from 2008 and have done about 41,000 miles). Is this what I can expect if I were to trade my car in?


Any advice would be much appreciated!


About Aberdeen I get 36mpg bearing in mind I'm a 21 year old who likes to race everything at the lights and I would go for it as my tax was 30 pounds on Thursday when renewed. And it's shouldnt be too expensive to maintain if looked after ie serviced every year or 12500 miles as per ford guidance. Hope this helps your decision

HI K13r4n,


Thanks! I know the £30 road tax is a big incentive to swap, however, if I am getting just over 34mpg recently in the cold weather, I may have to think about it a bit longer.


What's the car like on long runs? Although I do mostly use the car in town, twice a year I'm off to the contintent and am driving about 1000 miles.


On Top Gear they did a test where a Prius was driven flat out round the track with an M3 following


The M3 returned a better MPG


So its as much how you drive than what you drive


The Mondeo 2.2 is a relatively big, fast and luxurious car, if i was driving 1000 miles round the continent i would rather be in the Mondeo you may be better off keeping the Mondeo till after the trip, also, both cars are now 5 years old, there may be things wrong with the other car ("better the devil you know") 


If i change a car i try to get a newer or better one, not one of the same age


If anything expensive goes wrong with your "new" car, (eg DMF, injectors etc) it may "wipe out" and potential savings you may make and cost you even more (ive personally spent a lot of money trying to save money :(  :lol: )


Another thing worth considering is a (small, modern, economical) petrol car, which may be better/ more economical/ cheaper to run and give a better MPG on short journeys as another TDCI may just be similar MPG to yours (even though its smaller )  




smaller car vs's larger car maybe 5 mpg difference round town, service costs, repair costs etc etc....


I previously had a Merc E320 cdi estate that whilst I was using on long runs was great on diesel,doing 45 mpg most of the time but when I changed job and started commuting it did 32 mpg....which is pretty good for a big un! Still not good enough tho and I miss the merc for its space but I have really warmed to my 2007 mk3 mondi, excellent mpg and all works well.......great commuter!


Thanks for your answers!


I'll to adjust my driving style and try to clear out the DPF and hopefully this has an impact on the MPG. Would tuning the engine be worthwhile?


If there's only about 5mpg difference in fuel between a large Mondeo and a small Focus (engine size) in town, that's not worth swapping the car for - especially as I will be driving a lot when going to the continent.


Am still confused, but it seems that regarding fuel efficieny there is no reason to swap.


Our willie
I have a 2009 2.2 titanium x sport, I get 38 mpg on short runs no more than 10 miles at a time, but if I'm sitting at 60 it will return nearly 50 on the computer on cruse control , if you want big mpg then go for the 1.8 , but if you want a fast car that can return over 40 mpg in style, do 140 mph n 0-60 in 8 seconds, then the 2.2 titanium x sport is the one to go for, it's got the lot!

I have to agree 100 % with FOCA MPG is more to do with how you drive as opposed to what you drive and if you are doing 1000 miles twice a year i would deffo stick with the Mondy especially as in real world driving you would only gain approx 5pmg in a smaller diesel.  Also am i correct in saying the 1.6tdci is the same engine as the Pug 1.6hdi? or am i wrong?  If im correct i would seriously reccomend scrutinising the service history re oil changes etc as they suffer from turbo failures if the oil aint changed regular enough.  If im mistaken ignore that last statement lol  :rolleyes:


I don't know what info you can take from this; I have a 2005 2.0 TDCI, and I'm currently getting 49MPG.  That's just doing two daily school runs of less than two miles each way, and mostly short journeys under 20 miles on a mixture of A-roads and B-roads.  I don't quite drive like Miss Daisy, but I don't drive like "k13r4n", either.


On a motorway run in warmer weather, I've had 59MPG out of it.

Our willie
Good morning big d , my cousin bought a new 2.0 d zetec back in 2003, it was a fantastic car back then , I only drove it once, but back then it was a REALY fast car ! And big mpg ! My mk4 I got back in December, it was a cat d , fully repaired with 61000 on the clock , it's a panther black 2009 titanium x sport 2.2 , I REALY love it, it's fast for a big heavy car, got every extra you could want, it looks real nice with the body kit , twin tail pipes , was a bit worried about buying a cat d , but this ones been looked at by the AA and they say there are no issues with the repair , but back to the point ! Your 2.0 mondeo is so mutch better mpg than mine ! But mine has 45 bhp more, and all the stuff to make it run cleaner , I've looked at having the remap and the filter thing removed, but I don't REALY want to mess with it, the car runs brill, n if I take it easy I can get nearly 40 mpg , n for a big powerful car , to me that's pretty good , my last three cars were bmws , a 330d e46 2001. A 320i e90 2005 , and a 730d 2008. Had problems with the last two, slack timing chain on the 320i only BMW would look at it, they were fantastic service at calterdons Inverness , but £90 per hour ! £160 to change the spark plugs! Had to strip half the engine to get to them! N a oil leek , cost me £1400 to sort! Traded it for the 730d after two years picked it up Friday, it caught fire on the Monday morning! Total right off Electrical falt ! So no more BMW,s for me!

As i driver of both of the cars mentioned, my advice is : DON'T DO IT! The real difference in fuel consumption between them is less than 2 l 100 km, but the difference in the power is enormous. Even though I drive 1.6 tdci at the moment, I'd never hesitate to change it for 2.2 tdci where you get ridiculous power for ridiculous mpg. 

Our willie
My daughter has a 2012 1.6 d focus, nice car,but gutless , n to get anything out of it you will get no where near what for say, I've got the 2.2 titanium x mondeo n it's like driving a sports car com paired to the focus ,,don't get me rong the focus is a nice car but the mondeo is twice the car the focus is!

I did swap - for a Skoda Octavia 1.6 tdi. I must admit, the mileage of the Skoda is close to 50 mpg - with quite a lot of town driving and short distances (and sticking to the speed limit).  I would never get that from the Mondeo. However, handling is not as good as the Mondeo (or another Ford), so my next car will definitely be a Ford again. Oh, and the boot of the Octavia is nearly as big as the Mondeo's, but it is easier to park!
Think I may go for a 2.0 tdci Focus next time.
Thanks for your responses.

Our willie
My father has an 07 skoda Octavia , it's a top quality car , very well made , roomy his is the older 2.0engine but yours is newer n I think just as good with better bhp , all the best with your new car

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