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On my car i have the option to just have front fog lights on without the back ones which blind other drivers. However i see my front lights as spot lights and i like driving around with them on however my mates are telling me that it is illegal.


I am only 18 and have been driving for a year so i don't really want to get 3 points if it is illegal, does anybody know?




Yes its illegal to drive around with your fog lights on unless it is actually foggy. And you should have atleast one rear fog light aswell otherwise you run the risk of being rear ended in bad foggy conditions because the car behind cant see your standard brakelights as well as they would in normal conditions

Okay cheers mate, i do have rear fog lights i can just turn them on seperatley from my front fog lights thats why i thought i was getting away with it alot of police have drove past but they look at me because i look young driving a focus

Alot of people swap their front fogs out for LEDs and just use them as you do but its still technically illegal
Take it from a serving Officer.
It's illegal to drive with fog lights on when visibility is not severely impaired by fog.
There is no set visibility range but it is usually accepted to be 50 metres or less.
If you want lights on at all times just fit a set of legal drl (that dim 50% when headlights go on).
The penalty for inappropriate foglight use is a non endorsable fine of £30.

£30 fine -.- you have to be kidding, no wonder there's nobody ever being pulled. I've seen HID fog lights creeping in, a pain in the butt isn't the word...

People that drive with foglights on when there is no fog are idiots. It's not cool in anyway.

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