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Full Version: Ford Focus High Mileage 1.6Tdci Sport 61 Plate
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Hello, i have just purchased a 61 plate focus 1.6tdci sport with 18mnts ford warranty left. the only thing i am worried about is it has got 39000 miles on it wiv full service history as an ex fleet car. Should i be worried about te mileage?
As long as its got a full service history I wouldnt be too worried. Id be more worried if it had only done a few thousand miles with no service history :)
Thanks for the reply dan, a few ppl have said that but some have put dowt in my mind due to the milage. Its just had its major service aswell.
Its paid for now so no going back anyway!

As long as its had a good sevice history , there should be nothing to be worried about , that sort of mileage on that age of car , would be mostly motorway i would imagine.

Just make sure you keep up the service history and you shouldnt have an issue when it comes to selling the car on
Cheers guys, my mate is the manager at a local ford dealership so the services will be done there when required. Is it every 12 months?
Every year for a majour service its recommended to get an intermediate service which is alot cheaper every 3 months I think but I personally normally get a majour service done them half way through the year get an intermediate service done :)
Yer i think i will do that to keep on top of it for the warranty especially.
Mr Singh

39,000 miles for a 2 year old diesel is nawt! thats average mileage, if it was a petrol with 40,000 miles then it would be high

Chers mr singh

i bought my 08 smax with 100k on the clock,full history.

ive had it now approx 14 mths and its now got 107k.

i phoned the ford dealer about the car and they rattled off what had been done etc

i kindly asked for a print out and the guy said i was having a laugh as it would need a tree to print it all,lol

mine was in every few weeks being serviced etc.


Welcome to the Forum Craig.

That kind of mileage on an ex fleet car is nothing to worry about, it's probably all motorway mileage and no problem at all.

I have an ex fleet 07 Focus that I bought with 70k on the clock and it was mint and runs like a dream.

Thanks Stoney, ive just picked it up today and its fantastic.

I'm happy you're happy. :)

Best of luck with your new car mate, and don't forget the photos.

Be warned though, this site is addictive and may help you to spend your hard earned beer vouchers on mods. :d

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