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Full Version: Fiesta Mk 6 Remote Central Locking Please Someone Help
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hi guys i am really really hoping someone can help, i have a tdci zetec 2004 without remote central locking. I have done alot of digging on the net for this and have seen the guide someone on here created. 

I have know (from what i have read) that any gem starting 6st is a no go as its for the face lift and as mine is a 5 door pre facelift i need one starting 4st which is all fine and I have read the post about the A,B,C,D starting of the two letters at the end of the GEM code relating to what it has. 

Now i have searched ebay and scrap yards for ANY (2st or 4st) gem ending with a CL or any ending in C - they do not seem to exist! I have found ones ending in DF and DA but have read that you need to have deadlocking on your car for them to function correctly so have not bothered with them. Can someone please put me out of my misery do any remote central locking GEMS without deadlocking and alarms even exist!? Or did all pre facelift if with remote locking meant they had deadlocks two? I have even found DA ending models in early LX cars. Please if you know the answer to this please let me know.

Hi, I have a 3door 2005 pre face lift fiesta studio, very low spec as standard even less so than the finesse. There's a guy in here called pluspistol who Put a guide together and is solely responsible for me being able to get my car remote locking (thumbs up pistol)
I fitted a GEM module with the serial number of: 4S6T 15K600 DA so is equipped with the deadlock feature too but this makes NO difference to the initial door lock, so if you press the key once all the doors lock,then if you press the key a second time to "deadlock" all that will happen is your central locking will "try" to deadlock and that's it. So it won't cause any damage or problems whatsoever.
Hope this helps.

I have a 2006 fiesta tdci. A facelift version. When I try programing my remote the GEM beeps but when i press the remote nothing happens. I tested the remote on a transit connect and it worked well so I am assuming it is my GEM. I was thinking of changing/upgrading it any suggestions? i know how to do it just need to choose the right one. Would a GEM interfere with the instrument cluster or PATS? I found this with regards to the GEM features

Also what do the first 2 numbers on the GEM actually mean? Some say year and some day amount if doors... Also I don't have an alarm installed would that really matter I dont teally need it. Also what is worrying me is that they added Programming of PATS under the diagnosis section of the GEM. Would that effect my already programmed keys?

Hi zurrieq,
First of all is the key you are trying to program a brand new one? Does the key start the car? Also what are you trying to program it to do(lock/unlock the car or start the car)? Do you have two original keys?
If your GEM is bust then I would recommend buying one with the same part number(or above) don't buy one with a lesser part number.... For example if yours ends in B(x) then don't replace it with an A(x) always upgrade if you can.
Tbh I am not 100%surewhat the first two digits of the part number means, but all the ones that I saw(when upgrading mine) the ones with 6S6T were from a facelift and the ones that began with 4S6T were from a pre facelift. I don't know what part of the number refers to the amount of doors sorry. Doesn't matter if you don't have an alarm.... If you fit a GEM equipped with one, it would just function the same.
Your concerns that replacing the GEM affecting your PATS I don't think matters because your PATS is controlled(I think) from the transceiver key reader located in your ignition barrel. When I upgraded my GEM and programmed my new key my two original keys still worked as they should.

Hi Fiesta


Yes the key is a brand new one (so now I have 3, 2 original and 1 new one) My old remote one had stopped working (dropped in water) so I bought a new remote key. The new key I cut it and programmed it with the PATS (infact I am using it to drive and open etc) so in all I have 3 working keys that I can start the engine with. The new remote works for sure since as I said before it worked on a transit connect but the transit connect's fob did not work with my car either hence I am suspecting that the GEM is not emitting any signal (gone bust) despite me driving the car daily. All other things the GEM controls seem to be working.


I am going to check my GEM part number and buy one that starts with the same 2 digits. And as you said ill try buy an upgraded one if possible.


If my car has some features missing would that really matter if the GEM is able to control them but they are absent from the car. Example I don't have any alarm sensors, would that matter if the GEM can control the alarm?


The LCD on this instrument cluster currently shows distance to empty trip distance and odometer rather than the upgraded one with temperature etc


This one:


rather than this one:,r:2,s:0,i:87&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=144&tbnw=254&start=0&ndsp=20&tx=169&ty=78


Would this really matter?



Aah right I reckon I know what's up, as your new key can start the car(and is a brand new key) I think you have bought a key that emits a different frequency,(all pre facelifts works off 433MHz) but on the facelift there are two different frequencies 433MHz and 315MHz, have a look at the sticker in your GEM as the frequency it listens for is printed in there.
I suspect the key you bought and the transit connect it works on is a different frequency than your fez.
I would check that before going out to buy a new GEM module.

Also if you do have to buy a new GEM and some features are missing then it wouldn't matter at all.... Would just mean that if your car was previously equipped with.... Say.... Outside temp gauge then this would simply not work if you installed a downgraded GEM. And vice versa if you upgrade and the upgraded features aren't fitted in the car then this won't matter either..... My GEM has the deadlock function but my car isn't fitted with this and it makes no difference at all.
Hope this helps

Thanks for your reply.


If the GEM was an upgrade rather than a downgrade, would that make a difference (ie keeping with the example of the temp if I don't have the temp gauge and the GEM supports it would anything happen since this is electronic rather than through a motor (like deadlocking))?



Nope I still think it would make no difference, as(going back to my upgrade) my interior light used to switch on and off with do delay, now(after the upgrade) it has the delay function and fades on and off now.
So with yours the(upgraded GEM) will send the info to the display and if the display doesn't support it then the GEM won't get that info fed back to it so will just function as it should.
As said before though, I would definitely check the MHz frequency of your GEM and your new key, as that's more than likely to be the cause of the fault.
Hi again

Does the GEM require programing? My GEM was a B one with same frequency hence gone bust. I bought a C one. Would i need to reprogram the GEM or just plug it in?

I asked a ford technician and he said that the GEM should not affect the PATS on my car

Hi mate, sorry for the delay in replying, had a bit of a hectic day,
Have you fitted your new GEM yet? Hopefully it has fixed your key programming issue, the module doesn't need any programming just plug it in and all should be good:-)
Keep us posted on how you get on.

No problem no did not fit it yet since i am abroad will be back in 5 days and that is the first thing on the agenda

Will keep you posted




Sorry for the late reply but I just did the GEM. The RCL works well and the car runs normal. Now I have 2 small issues, but 1 is bothering me.


Issue 1: Intermittant wipers is not working - Not really bothered don't really care


Issue 2: My headlamps are always on even when the light switch is in the off position.. When in the off position, the lights go on when I turn the key to pos 2 or start the engine, when I switch to pos 0 they go off. Other switch positions, the lights work normally. Could the GEM be programmed for autolights? Hence I would probably need someone to program the GEM for me to remove this issue.?



Hi zurrieq, can you tell me the year of fiesta you fitted the new GEM to, and also, tell me the part numbers on both your old and new GEM's
Fiesta year 2006 facelift model

GEM old = 6s6t 15k600 bh replaced with a 6s6t 15k600 CL

PS someone had said that you might need to program it so maybe changing the switch or programinng might solve the problem
Hi again sorry for the delay replying.... Tbh I've not had any experience with anyone upgrading the facelifted fez..... Did a bit if digging, and I reckon you have fitted a GEM from a car equipped with auto wipers and auto lights, going by the two faults you described....(do you know anything about the car it came out of)?
I reckon insted of trying to locate someone who can reprogram the GEM I would be tempted to try fitting a headlight switch that has auto light function on it....
you will never get the intermittent wiper to work though.... Unless you fit a windscreen with the sensors fitted.
Hope this helps,
Let us know how you get on, I'd be interested to see if you can upgrade to auto lights.
Arrrrrgh, scrap that last idea I just noticed that there's a light sensor on the windscreen too, so even if you fitted the headlight switch with the auto function in it, they won't work as auto lights...... Although it would probably sort out your lights so you could use them normally?
That what I was thinking swap the switch but at least restore normal function of the lights. But I am still considering both options depending on the price. My friend has a friend that has comp systems of cars including fords need to see if can program it

Keep you post it in the mean time
Other issues I have are

Lane change indicator flash once (i guess it is set that way)

I cant open my baggague compartment with the button inside the car if the engine is running have to switch it off to do so then it works

Sounds like upgrading/changing the GEM on a facelift fez is a lot more complicated than the pre facelift, would probably be best to see if your friend of a friend can reprogram it to equip everything that you need or is possible


keep us up to date on how it goes.

Another thing i noticed is it tries to activate the alarm too. The hazards flash but obviously no sound since i dont have the alarm horn lol :)

Keep you posted

Btw ordered the switch

Also regarding the lugaguge compartment the engine does not need to be runing for the button not to work having the key in pos II is enough for the button not to release lol. Guess it is set that way

lol yes it will be set that way to stop you from opening the tailgate while you are driving :oops:

i've never had the lane changer feature but i fhink its just that.... so will be set to only flash once....

so my guess is, once you fit your new headlight switch then that will sort out your lighting issues :D

My old GEM was actually set to not allow me to open the lugague booth when the car is moving more than 7km/hr just as said in the manual not when the car is idling...

Regarding the lights on further playing with switch I noticed that the switch does actually switch off the light but afteer a few secs I hear a click and the lights go back on. Could the GEM actually be overiding the switch? If yes i bought the switch for nothing :S
Current issues I need to solve

Lighting: switch off lights still go (possibly the GEM set that way)
Cant open tailgate when key is pos 2 or engine runing at any speed
Lane changer is set to 1 click rather than 3 (I had 3 and used to use it alot so i could set it it would be good lol)
Switch to intermittent wipers rather than auto wipers

Hope that guy could program GEMs lol
I was speaking to a guy on the forum and he said ford were asking £189 to program the GEM module
Omg lol. Maybe then if it is that high ill have to live with them :) lol been using the car 4 3 days np with it so clearly just electronics x)
That was a ford dealer remember..... I'm sure your friend of a friend could add a decimal point in to that price:-)
Yeh or maybe something like this if he can't
Now that looks like an awesome piece of kit (if it does what it says on the tin), it will make interesting reading when I get the chance, any idea how much they cost?
Asked him iff it works for a fiesta and then ill ask him if he got anyones already modified. Otherwise around £9.59 then you have to modify it to make it a writer
Sounds good as long as its not too complicated to operate :-p
Actually the program seems ok to operate quick to do and you can back up settings too.
If it does as its told then that is a well spent £9.59 then drive by your nearest dealership sticking your fingers up at them lol
Well actually i would not do that cause they are the only guys who I trust to fix my car. I had someone fix my injector seals and he killed my injectors... Had to have them do the repairs... From then on I dont trust anyone as usual services oil change etc i do myself
Was just meaning that they have a bad reputation (all dealers not just ford) for their astronomical repair bills
Yes piece of mind is always key, but I have found a brilliant independant garage with huge savings over dealer repair cost,they are very professional and trustworthy, they did my timing belt on my old car and a fraction of the cost.
Anyway back to your topic.... Has your headlight switch arrived yet? Would be cool if that fixed all the electronic issues on your car:-)
Lucky you!! Lol

Nope no switch yet... Now I am doubting that it is from the switch anyway. Cause the click is the same as to when it gives the signal to move the wiper even the old gem used to do this click.
Hope that guy tells me that the programing can be done using the elm lol
I still think it could be the switch because if the GEM tries to override the switch(like you said earlier) then fitting the ont that the GEM actually is programmed to then that should be the jackpot? I could be wrong(hope I'm not)
If I am then I would contact the programmer guy and hope he can sort it then worst case scenario a trip to your local ford dealer with a heavy wallet :-)
Yes your reasoning make sense :) hope i dont need to overload my wallet lol
The switch did not arrive yet :(((

Actually though I dont have other issues.

Just a small question what are the main differneces bbetwwen the fiesta and the fusion?

Cause this is for the fusion

Need to translate to understand not at home at the moment
I'm not at home either but will translate it once I get I to my computer.
Tbh I'm not 100% sure if all the differences between the fusion and the fiesta, I think they are essentially the same car, using the same chassis and a lot of the same components and parts.... I'm pretty sure I have seen parts(even the GEM) listed on eBay as for fiesta/fusion.
So the program should work xD xxx
I wouldn't like to say so for sure, but I think its be worth a try?
Still not had the chance to translate that link you sent but I will as soon as poss and I'll let you know what I think.
Yeh i will have access to a pc tomorrow so i cant do it tonight. Unfortunetly though this will probably work on the facelift only i think

My conclusion to why there are 3 types if GEMS (1st 4 letters)

2s6t for cars with only 1 CAN
4s6t for pre facelift with 2 CAN
6s6t for facelift with 2 CAN

"In vehicles built from MY 2003.75, an additional second CAN bus system is used depending upon vehicle model."

Hence why 2 GEMs for the prefacelift
Think your knowledge has surpassed mine lol, do you know what the 2 CAN bus system on the pre facelift has that the 1 CAN doesn't?
Also how did you work out that the 2CAN was introduced In the 3rd quarter of 2003? When I was upgrading mine I was told(or I read somewhere) that ford did change the GEM in that year and they weren't compatible with the later pre facelift.
Feature wise I think they are same. Just the speed at which they communicate as in 2s6t on the HScan (since only 1 i am assuming it is an HS) while the 4s6t communicates on the MScan

For details on the electronics see

For details on the GEM see

I managed to translate the GEM part of the program from russion and it currently looks like this.



Центральный замок


Управление ЦЗ с ДУ 

0ткрывание багажника с ДЧ

0ткрывание багажника при
вкл эажиегании

0ткрываь багажника двойным
нажатием  ДЧ

Кнопка багажника в салоне

Запрет отпирания ЦЗ из


Central locking


Managing Remote Power Door

0tkryvanie boot to a TM

0tkryvanie boot at startup

0tkryva trunk by
double-clicking DF

Button inside the trunk

The prohibition of the release
of CH salon



Концевик капота

Концевики дверей НР типа

Концевики задних дверей

Праворульный авто

Концевики багажника

Концевики багажника НР


limit switches


the engine hood

HP-type door switch

Limit switches back doors

RHD cars

trunk switch

HP trunk switch type



Опция датчик цожця  / света

Опция   - 
подогрев заднего стекла/зеркал

Опция   - складные 

Опция   - обогрев лобового стекла

Опция   - климат контроль

Кнопка складывания зеркал
в салоне

Автоматическое включение

Настройка через ВК (Запрет

Наличие заднего дворника




Option tsozhtsya sensor /

Option - heated rear window /

The - folding mirrors

The - heated windshield

Option - Climate control

Button folding mirrors in the

Auto-On Headlights

Setting up a VC (Prohibition

Having a rear wiper

Фишки и прелести


Махать дворниками при омывании

Дополнительный взмах дворников

Выстрые замки (отменяет хитрые замки)

Дожиматв замки, если были открыты двери

Зацний дворник при задней передаче

Колесико регулировки прер. режи. дрворн.


Chips and charms


Wipers when wash cycle swing

Additional wipers sweep

Rds locks (disables tricky

Dozhimatv locks if the doors
were opened

Zatsny wiper when rear

Click Wheel prairie. mode.

Настройки изменяемые с ВК


Запирание при начале движения

Вкл аварийку при экстрениом

Три вспышки поворотов при перестроении

Пошаговое отпирание ЦЗ с ДУ

 Складывание Зеркал при Запирании

Посадочные огни


The settings are changed with


Locking when the beginning of
the movement

On emergency gang emergency

Three flash of turns when you

Step by step unlocking Remote
Power Door Locks

Folding Mirrors when locking

landing lights



Длинный импульс хлыста или
хитрые замки




Long pulse whip or clever


Somethings I still can't understand what I do. The program can get your asbuilt data so you would know what you have and what you dont installed.

Have you made any progress with your programming of the GEM? Or fitted your new headlight switch?
Nope :(. Switch arrived just found no time to change it yet but should do it this weekend. Elm cable still on the way and am still translating the program... Will keep you posted

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