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Full Version: So Angry With Peoples Ford
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Titanium Squeeze
Bought a Kuga from Peoples Ford Speke
It was advertised as having covered 6100 miles. I paid for it over the phone and on picking it up found the odometer read 9584.
They refused to compensate saying that the extra 3484 made no difference to the car value. I couldn't even get half a tank of diesel from them.
Later when claiming for the 19" Bridgestone tyre noise (a known issue) they de-valued their tyre offer based on the mileage the tyres had done. 
Yet at point of sale the 3484 miles had no detrimental value  
I ended up having to take court action before they gave me a woeful settlement on the tyres.
To top the lot they still will not acknowledge falsely adverting the mileage on this car despite me having a copy of the advert from auto trader and the sales invoice clearly showing the difference.

You have the evidence have you spoken to trading Standards , the day you picked it up could you not have refused to except it? even though the money had been paid.


they sound like a complete dump of a garage for treating you like this , hopefully word will get around and less business goes their way.

Titanium Squeeze

When I bought the car I had that new car excitment and after spending weeks looking for the right car I didn't want to start again.

I'd already paid to transfer my personal plate so it looked like a lot of hastle for small gain.


Once I'd found out about the tyre trouble (big thread here- lots of trouble for lots of people) and been down the legal route which resurected the old mileage issue. I really can't be bothered to go thru' the courts again as trading standards will suggest. 


So bad coverage for them is the best I can do. At least it warns others.


I would print a load of "Flyers" and place them on all the lamposts after dark of course :)

Get onto the web and find somewhere you can post a review. Kuga is a nice car though so Congrats on your Ford, seriously can't believe what I've just read, hope you don't have anymore issues mate!
Titanium Squeeze

Get onto the web and find somewhere you can post a review. Kuga is a nice car though so Congrats on your Ford, seriously can't believe what I've just read, hope you don't have anymore issues mate!



I'm loving the Kuga, now my tyre issues are sorted.



I've given watchdog a try to try and highlight the outrageous service

Titanium Squeeze

I would print a load of "Flyers" and place them on all the lamposts after dark of course :)

If I lived in Liverpool I'd park the car outside with a windscreen sized banner and get a taxi to work. However I live over 100 miles away


Diabolical, thought clocking was bad enough by dodgy back street places but for a dealer to blatantly lie is unbelievable. Bet the difference in mileage would have mattered if you had been trading in.


Have you complained toFord UK? Surely they should at least give the dealer a rollicking. Also try the local newspaper, they always like this sort of story.

Titanium Squeeze

I have written to the Liverpool Echo and Watchdog. 


Just waiting for a reply, I'd at least think they'd want to look at my invoice and advert.


That is bang out of order but the problem you will face with trading standards is the fact that you have accepted the car.  Had it come to light months down the line that the car had a new engine that they knew about and failed to mention then again you may have  case .Had you have paid a deposit(or even amount in full and backed out due to mileage and they tried to keep your deposit/ full balance then you would have a case as its not as described.  At the end of the day you have turned up and the item you have paid for is not as described.  At the point you turn up and realise mileage is wrong you try to get the price down or walk away, once you give them the money you have accepted the car.  Im not saying its right but thats the facts.  An advert is an advert until money and signatures exchange.  If you went to sell your house and rather than put £180,000 on the advert you put £18,000 and someone turns up to buy it.  would you sell it, no you would apologise and say sorry wrong amount if you want it its £180k.  With a garage of that size though i would expect them to throw in a free service or something like that.

Titanium Squeeze

Yes Andy I acceped I as I had already paid the deposit paid the diesel to travel the width of the country, paid to transfer my private plate ect. 

It just wasn't the hastle to walk away and look for another car.

it's the subsequent treatment from them that is awful and he fact that they refuse to acknowledge the fact that iw misdescibed. They even wrote 6100 miles in the service book. It begs the question did they even service it or just take the book and write it up as done.

I feel it is my duty to inform people of their careless attitude.

Yes its disgraceful but from a legal point of view not much you can do. Shame it isn't local. I'd be outside there every Saturday handing out leaflets to everyone that was walking in they would soon change mind
Titanium Squeeze

If 1 or 2 people read this and decide not to use peoples ford then its job done

Thats my second local ford so il be giving them a miss from now on i think
Titanium Squeeze

I've saved a soul  :)

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