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Seeing as there's a dedicated section for builds now I was gonna ask to have my thread moved over, but as it's many many pages long and full of banter it makes for a long read for anyone who hasn't read it yet.


Because of this I've decided to create a new, stream lined build thread with all mods to date on one page.



So here's what my motor looked like when I bought it almost exactly a year ago











A completely stock Ford Focus Ghia 1.6 115. 2 previous female owners  :o


And here's what a lorry decided to do to the poor thing within a month of owning it by cutting me up on a roundabout  :(  :(  :(





Used front bumper, wing panel and new alloy centre cap later and I had her good as new.


That was after I managed to get back in my bonnet




And refit the bumper n wing panel myself after a qualified 'mechanic' made a complete bodge of the whole thing





First thing I did to it then was get a new battery cause the poor girl was lacking start power. Trumped for top of the range




Now I started with some small mods. First being getting friendly with the carbon wrap n me Missus's pink hairdryer






Then come the 'custom' heating knobs. I say 'custom' cause they aren't really any more seeing as most focus's on the forum now has them lol


A little more carbon wrap to the demister switch panel




As my focus is a ghia there was no worry about not having foot-well lighting or it only being part fitted in some way, nope my focus had em as standard  :P




Which the dingy yellow bulbs quickly got replaced with LED's. As I'm a Birmingham city fan you can guess what colour I went for








Then come the aluminium pedal set




Don't forget the tea  ;)




This gap was starting to annoy me




So I got this to fill it




Much better






LED's was also annoying me as they weren't very good and just looked like a focused blue blob in the corner




So I swapped em out for some better ones




And put the old ones in me map lights




Got a dremel and butchered a little hole in the garage door




So I quickly had power back to it




Next come some LED sidelights to get rid of the horrible yellow






As well as these for H1 and H7




Results  B)






New tax disk holder  ;)




And these turned up




Next great little mod I did was get some mist washer jets. Luckily got em just before they went up to silly money too thanks to Lenny





It was at this point I was really enjoying owning me car and started to make a few subtle changes when I received more damage. Even more annoying it was yet again involving a lorry driver not looking what he was doing. Come flying at me on a narrow road from a carpark when I had right of way and was already in the road. To avoid my Missus in the passenger seat being sideswiped I had to brake hard, only to result in being hit from behind instead <_<




This time damage wasn't as bad though just a cracked bumper. Used this as an excuse to start doing some proper mods and treated the poor girl to an ST rear bumper




At the same time I got a good deal on a spoiler too so thought ah go on then














It looked silly having ghia on the back of it so the badges quickly came off




Next great mod I did using help from Lenny's guide was wire in some rear foot-well lighting




I also put even better LED's in my front foot-wells as well as got a LED courtesy light














Then my wind deflectors turned up










It was also looking silly only having front mud flaps so they also come off. I have some aftermarket mud flaps in my boot which I should be fitting shortly if it doesn't snow again


Car was looking pretty filthy and not in a good way so it came the time for a well needed clean




About 4hours later and














Bit random but going through photobucket I found these, so for a laugh here's what happens if you get on my bad side  :P







Anyway back to the build..


Got myself a none genuine clear LHD fog light unit




Really evens out the rear




Which after sourcing a few extra parts and using yet another of Lenny's great guides  ;)


I quickly butchered to create this




And with a bit of extra wiring I had twin reverse lights




While still retaining me fog light which I upgraded to a red cree bulb




I ordered 2 cree reverse light bulbs with extra leds round the sides which I waited a month for to come from china





Which when I went to fit, both turned out to be duds  :huh:  :angry: Moral: Don't buy from china


After threatening the seller that I'd fly over there with a chainsaw I eventually got a refund


I then bought 2 normal cree bulbs from the UK










Can see the difference of cree vs original here




Can never have enough LED in your life so I got me a ignition barrel LED




Which instead of routing the the courtesy light, I cut most of the loom off and spliced into me foot-well loom




Then I got myself 3 of these LED pads




One of which I slapped in the glove box






And then with the help of yet another of Lenny's guides (seriously sensing a pattern now)


I wired in a second boot light and put a pad each side so now I can actually see in the boot of a night as well as be lit up like a smurf




These popped up on ebay for a very reasonable price




So I had em away, even though I knew they wouldn't be a straight forward fit cause the plugs are different




So what I did is cut the indicators off and transplant them and the covers onto my existing wing mirrors, and with a little speaker wire I wired em to my existing indicator loom




What I decided to do with the old indicators is simply colour code em to the rest of the car




Then the day was among us and my 23rd birthday came around. And my lovely Missus treated me to a new head unit




And reverse park camera




All fitted and working












Given the area I currently reside in I was a bit worried about my nice new head unit disappearing quicker than I fitted it so I decided to go down the dummy faceplate route


To which my good old uncle Clive kindly donated this to the cause






Which I set about obliterating till I was left with this




Everything glued in place






And the back lined with foam to avoid scratching and it does the job beautifully






You'll notice from the above photos my carbon interior has changed


I decided to give carbon dipping a go




The finish turned out quite good albeit with a few patches missing




But I since decided I used a too lighter base coat and that the carbon dip I used looks nothing like carbon lol


So I've now sourced more realistic carbon dip film




Which I will be re-dipping all my interior in soon as I can get round to it and when we finally get some decent weather after the months of snow




But the effect I should hopefully end up with should be a long the lines of this





I then decided to start fly eyeing my exterior lights till I got the funds together to buy actual black light units








Turns out though it doesn't weather very well and does block out a fair bit of light so it's since been removed from head lights n tail lights


Was long over due but I finally got some DMB gel over lays

















Then after about a 2month wait, I heard a knock at the door from DHL man and like a child at christmas I got outa bed and ran downstairs to be greeted with a big box




And inside that box was a smaller box




And in that box were 2 smaller boxes




Can you guess what was inside?  :D  :D  :D




My new black headlight units


All fitted and looking very pwetty






:wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:


Did I say they have built in halos?  :o




They sure do  :P






Got em leveled and aligned properly and the beam from em is as great as always and I'm really pleased with the light output




And finally we've come to the end of my build to date and the last few little things I've done are colour code the grill to make the front a bit more stealthy n match me headlights




Fit genuine ford wiper blades so I can now actually see clearly when it's raining and not be blinded by smear marks. Another good thing is they have a wear indicator on em




Which will gradually turn from black to yellow when they need changing


And I've fitted a cheapy sun strip to see if it'll stop me getting blinded by glare a bit




Oh and I've finally got a battery cover after trying to track one down for ages





So there you go, all my mods to date on one page


Even though I said it was streamlined it's still turned out a rather long read  :P


But at least you won't have to read through 30 odd pages  ;)



Comments welcome


Lookin mint mate love the tax disk holder :lol:


Lol nice one mate


Was hoping no one would see it n comment yet cause I've finally just finished typing up the second half of it


Thought it would be too long to put in one post so I split it in half  ;)

2 seconds and ill fix that ;)
Lookin mint mate love the tax disk holder :lol:

Lookin mint mate love the tax disk holder :lol:


Lmao nice one mate knew you was gonna do that



What you reckon to the finished thread so far now anyway?


Surely the highlight of the whole thing aint the tax disk holder  ;)


I think its time i started a build thread too

Personally I love the interior lighting that you've done and your angel eyes look pretty sweet too :)
) the carbon wrapped interior looks pretty decent too. I didnt get chance to get a proper look last night lol
You got any other plans in the pipeline?

You got any other plans in the pipeline?

so many things i'd wanna do mate


st alloys, lowered, side skirts, st front bumper, duplex exhaust, rear tints. i still need to hydro dip everything too. im sure theres other things i wanna do as well that dont immediately spring to mind but with the amount of funds it'll cost n given i've just gone over the 100k mark i'd be better off saving the funds up and part exing for an actual st

Yeah probably lol then youve got your insurance to lol cheaper to insure an actual ST than one done up to the same spec

looking good, the st bumper should be on all focus its so much better,


out of interest what did you do to modify pedals?


looking good, the st bumper should be on all focus its so much better,


out of interest what did you do to modify pedals?


these are the pedals i've got mate


or if you don't mind paying a lil bit more n want em sooner, i've found uk stock here



even found these from the new st



the brake n clutch pedal covers completely replace your existing pedals, simply pull the old rubber pedals off n fit these instead


and the accelerator pedal simply fits over the existing pedal


excellent thanks for that, i do like the look of the design, something different than boring rubber


surprised you hadnt seen em before mate lol a lot of other members have em also



you should get em though they only cheap n very quickly transform your footwell


yeh i noticed them but wasnt sure what was involved in changing them, i.e clip-on or remove/replace pedal


yeh they will be added to my list :)

See how you've colour coded the side indicators why dont you get some kind of badge for the side indicators? ST badges or something since youve already got the ST bumper/spoiler?

yeh i noticed them but wasnt sure what was involved in changing them, i.e clip-on or remove/replace pedal


yeh they will be added to my list :)

lol when you reckon you'll order em mate?


See how you've colour coded the side indicators why dont you get some kind of badge for the side indicators? ST badges or something since youve already got the ST bumper/spoiler?

cause its not an st mate lol, don't think i'd even fit st badges if i had the front bumper, skirts n alloys


would just look silly putting st badges on it now cause most of it is still ghia


lol when you reckon you'll order em mate?


haha erm when payday comes on monday :)


tbh m8 no idea prob some time next week if i have time (start new job next week)


Not that much of a mod but I've just got some tailored car mats, they make a great fit







haha erm when payday comes on monday :)


tbh m8 no idea prob some time next week if i have time (start new job next week)

ah fair play dude whats the new job?


funny you should mention that because i used the mats out of my old car and noticed i couldnt accelerate (foot to the floor) long story short the mat was behind the pedal


ah fair play dude whats the new job?


automation systems engineer :)


funny you should mention that because i used the mats out of my old car and noticed i couldnt accelerate (foot to the floor) long story short the mat was behind the pedal

so the mat was too long n went up behind the pedals?


automation systems engineer :)

well done mate


wanna get me a job lol?

cheers m8, Yh the mat was too long, I've had to pull it back now

cheers m8, Yh the mat was too long, I've had to pull it back now

i had the same problem mate with the mats that the previous owner had in the car


thats the problem with universal fit mats, they dont fit lol


dangerous really cause my clutch pedal got jammed down on it a few times


which is why i got these tailored mats which are brilliant


if you look at the driverside photo you'll see how the mats a lot shorter than the passenger, so it doesnt protude up behind the pedals. it also clips in place so theres no chance of it slipping


they only cost 11quid posted as well so they are a right bargain


Fantastic  work Brigane , keep up the Mods m8


cause its not an st mate lol, don't think i'd even fit st badges if i had the front bumper, skirts n alloys would just look silly putting st badges on it now cause most of it is still ghia

Theres plenty of other badges lol just used st as an example lol

Fantastic  work BriganTe , keep up the Mods m8

Nice one Preee mate


It's a bit of a slow progress but it's getting there


Theres plenty of other badges lol just used st as an example lol

lol i know mate, what other badges did you have in mind?


i know theres chrome badges that say focus etc that replaces the indicator lens that i mentioned in me guide


but i didnt wanna pay that much for em when i don't even like chrome lol


already had all the paint laying around spare anyway so i just colour coded em


liking the progress fella it looking good so far.

know what you mean about funds i got loads of ideas for mine lol but no cash pmsl


some nice mod's on there mate! plenty of idea's I can ill afford :)


it looks good though!

Nice one jeebo

I aint done much really, just the odd cheap stuff

I've got me next big mod in the pipeline which I will hopefully get out the way next week n then I've just got a last few little touches to get out the way which I think will be as far as I wanna go with the build

got a few little mods out the way, fitted some universal mud flaps, they was a bit long though n needed a chunk hacking off the front flaps cause they was sitting to low and couldnt reverse out the drive without em scraping












i've also sprayed the front fog surrounds in gloss black and flyeyed the front fog units themselves. will also be doing the rear fog surrounds in gloss black too






i personally think it improves the front making it look more stealthy n making the most of the horrible front bumper as much as i can. i really dont like that the standard mk2 front bumper doesnt have a proper lower grill like the 2.5


just need to do summin about the grey trim of the bottom of the bumper now, may take it off at some point to colour code or fit an ms lip as i dont think i'll be fitting an st front bumper


few more shots










HI charlie, Just read through all your mods and i like what you've done. Nothing to serious but some nice subtle mods youve got going on. Uve given me some ideas for mine aswell now lol ;)


looking good and like the fly eye fogs


weather seems to be getting better so i thought i'd start hydro dipping again


started off with me garage door, and to my surprise it actually went completely perfect and looked beautiful..



..and then i went n dropped it  :o


was trying to wipe some of the sticky gunk from around the sides n it slipped out my hand


so now theres a few minor imperfections and one big patch missing from where i tried to touch a little thing up n ended up taking more of the print off  <_<


anyway here it is




not finished yet as i'd just put another clear coat on it just before taking the photo so its still wet


all being well i might actually dip the rest of me parts over the weekend


oh and i also decided to spray the rear fog surrounds gloss black to match the front fogs




looking good fella and like the look of the fogs.


right so after much much faffing about, sanding, priming, basecoating and dip my interior parts, only for it to be almost impossible to get a perfect finish and something some how always going wrong, as well as the amount of mess to clean up adfter each dip n how hard the stuff is to scrub off


i've decided to complately scrap doing to interior in carbon fibre for now and instead i'm gonna spray all my interior trim pieces in gloss black instead


photos to follow once its all sprayed


After a lot more faff than i bargained for, the next little mod is out the way




I've fitted an additional 12v supply in the dash storage compartment (thanks to Clive for kindly supplying the extra socket and loom)


So now I can stow away all the wiring for my satnav




So now instead of having a long wire trailing over the dash down to my garage door infront of the gearstick, it all goes tidily away in the top of the dash






It works a treat but my god what a right unexpected faff, didnt realize it would be so much hassle



Is this something anyone would want a guide writing up about?

Wow It is neat, wish I was lucky enough to have a compartment on my dash
Glad to be of help again mate.
A guide is always useful.

Glad to be of help again mate.
A guide is always useful.

Nice one again mate, you've supplied parts for 2 of my mods now. Damn decent of you. Next time I'm about the devon and cornwall area i'll buy you a whiskey ;)


I'll take a few more photos and write the guide up

Hey, i'm just a run of the mill generous type of guy.
Shame i can't find any more of those patch cables, they are a handy bit of kit.
If i could find the correct sockets i reckon they'd be pretty easy to knock up though.
Anytime you get near the South West you're more than welcome to buy me a drink (or three) ;)

well your generosity appreciated uncle


i reckon the patch could be mocked up easy enough just with some bayonet connectors and a short length of wire going into a long length


or even just splicing directly into the existing loom


the patch certainly does make it easier though


the guides up now anyway so have a read when you can


lol 3 jd's it is then mate just need a reason to be down that way now




Allo dudes & dudettes..


Not been on here much as of late due to working 12hr nightshifts and not posted much progress lately due to not having time to do any


But in between getting what little sleep I can and working I gave the car a rather quick and not very thorough jetwash and detail











Got a nice mirror like shine as you can see here though






You'll notice a bit of continuity between my display photo and these as my fro appears to have disappeared..



And I'm also about to get another mod out the way now its been delivered


Heres a clue as to what it is




Swish :)


So watch this space

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