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Full Version: Wheel Nuts
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Hi all.
I have some wheel nut covers on my car and I have tried everything to get them of but no joy.
Just thought I would try just incase I get a flat.
I also have 4 that don't which isn't a problem.
How can I get them of or are there supposed to stay on if so that's strange as there are 19mm and the ones that don't have the covers on are 18mm.
Thanks simon

depending on which ones they are, they tend to have an overrated set of tweezers that come with them to grip and pull, otherwise, some come with a little key that you push into a gap to release it from the nut.


If all else fails, a screwdriver, chisel and hammer combination will knock them off!

Well managed to get them all off.
Just put the 19mm socket over the cover and came straight of.
Got a new set all the same size and have just put them on apart from 1 which I have cross threaded so looks like I will be putting a new wheel stud on asap.

Has anyone put new whesl studs on.
It looks very straight forward but is there anything I should look out for or anything that would make it a bit easier.

wheel studs tend to be a re-weld of a new stud on after removal of the old?

From what I have seen they have groves on them so when it is forced in it grabs and locks in place.
The wheel studs use a spline and are a press fit - they can be hammered in with a bit of care.

Depending on which one you have damaged you may not be able to replace it. If its a front one, the hub will need removed from the knuckle, and therefor you will need to replace the hub/bearing assembly
The chrome covered nuts on alloys are 19mm which is standard but the issue with them is that over time the chrome caps blow and can come off leaving a smaller steel nut which is 18mm, there not expensive to buy so if you have this issue just get some new ones from ford but make sure they have a conical washer( its a free spinning tapered washer on the end) as the newer ford nuts don't have these and are required to be torqued up tighter.
I had the same trouble with my ford nuts,
The cap spun on the nut rounding it,

I got a flat blade screw driver and hammer,
Put the screwdriver in the top centre of the nut.
Tap of the hammer to puncture the cap
Then pull off

The nuts were then 18mm so I bought a set of 1 piece steel nuts on e-bay with mcgard locking nuts,
No trouble ever again





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