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Full Version: Disappointed In The Cmax :(
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Well I have just been having a nosey at the car... The mod's that I would love to do below, don't seem to be possible as per the guides! I was always of the impression that the Focus and CMAX where the same beast underneath, just the CMAX was on steroids...


> Footwell Lights: - Cant install as there's no bulb holders, and no bulbs, and seemingly no wiring.

> Illuminated ignition barrel: - there doesn't seem to be the connectors on mine at the end of the wires in the courtesy lights... the ones that you just plug the illuminated ring into (unless they are hidden either further in the roof lining or not there at all :(...


I am really disappointed, these were two of the mod's I was going to go for next, and now its made more of a nuisance :( I didn't really want to splice into the interior wires if I could avoid it, but it seems if I want both, I may have to...


Short of adding a fuse tap in against the interior lights, and wiring both into there, I am not sure how I can achieve it :( but I wonder if this will exert too much output on the wiring running the 12v of LED's / Ignition LED's / Interior lights :(


EDIT: Just rechecked the pictures, perhaps I was too hasty on the ignition barrel, I was imagining a completely different connector, but shame about the foot well lighting...


The other thing is the LED bulbs, I find that because of the angle of the vanity lights, more light goes up and to the ceiling than down into the cabin? is that just me and my CMAX or the focus also?


If I was to go down the line of using an "add a circuit piggy back fuse" - what rating would I need to go for if I was going to install some footwell lighting?


Next job, find 5w Spherical and 10w festoon bulbs at a reasonable price, preferably in a decent LED in blue :D

As you don't have bulb holders in your footwells just use self adhesive strip ones and stick to the trim in strategic places.

Yep +1 that just buy the LED Strips that stick on rather than use the holders and bulbs they work very well.


Jeeb one single wire from your interior light can light up your car like a Christmas tree without effecting your interior fuse rating as LED's don't take very much power at all.


Cheers lads


Well I took the plunge and bought these (all five of them!)


Now I am looking to buy some additional 12v auto wire, and need to know which to buy, given that this is looking like a split red / black wire, would I have to wrap the black around an earth point for each of them? or by using a fuse tap, does anyone know if that provides its own earthing point?

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