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Full Version: Ciggy Light
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Devils advocate
Yes I bought this light that sits in the power point/ cigarette lighter, I thought this will be good in the boot of my kuga can sit on charge out the way. No, it falls out the power point in the boot and back seat p/point but works in the the front one, now if this has already been discussed, just forgive an oldish man for this.
But the same thing is being touted on this shop too, that's what made me buy it,

I'm hoping that someone will say " silly old git" this is what you need to do, but the instructions also say you can't leave it on charge, so now have something else moving around the car, also bought the Rodney on here that's great, love the name I chuckle everytime I use it.

Hi Mate,


Why is it falling out there rear powerpoint? is it a loose connection? or is it because of the momentum of you moving around corners, throwing it across the boot and subsequently stopping the charge?

Devils advocate
No the light dose not have springs on the side to hold them in place, but the front one, has a much tighter hold. It only works on one out of three power points. Cheers James.

thats awkward!


you could replace the socket for a better fit, but that would be more effort, for the sake of plug into the front.


You could always buy a multisocket?

Devils advocate
Yeah, it just seems the power sockets back and middle seats, are fine, it's the light it supposed to go in a power socket, the front being a cigarette lighter, maybe that's the different s, the light itself has no spring at the sides, if you think what goes in them like satnav/ phone charger, there plugs have a side spring, I have bought a two gang plug for the front, but I use them for my video cam and satnav for traffic updates, believe me you need to, where I live. M25/Thurrock/Dartford crossing area.

cant say I blame you, I know the area well!


Its a difficult situation, the alternative is buy something like this:


charge it up at home when your sat watching the tv...

See if sticking a ring of clear tape around it will hold it steady.
Devils advocate
Thanks for the heads up on the plug thing James, that could well be the answer, but why make things for vehicles that don't work.
Clive, not sure that would work, would it, cos it uses the mettle side to earth out, but am no auto electrician so I suppose that might work. But that the problem, it's way to small for the sockets, did not break the bank for it £4.99 I think, but just thought what a good idea, leave it in he back, as the Kuga only has one light at the right side, so thought this would be a good option leave it charging, and at hand when you need it.
Found out you cannot leave it on charge, so blows that outa the water some what old bean.
Thanks for your replies to my very small conundrum, so the silly git part might not be me after all, oh well small mercies.
Ford sockets do seem to be a bit larger than others.
Devils advocate
You better believe it, but in saying that, the light that can be bought on here has no sprung sides, which is very silly design when it's supposed to in the power point. Never mind. Cheers Clive

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