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Full Version: Help Its Stuck
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Hi All


My bonnet on my Ford Focus is stuck i have tried different keys and it just turns. I have seen the helpfull post on here


  This explains removing the plasic housing around a part and then pressing firmly a screwdriver into the part and the bonnett pops open but it doesnt explain without having the bonnett open how to get to that part?.


Long screwdriver through the grille mate.


I cant see nothing though just part of the black tubing i dont know where im meant to be poking its so difficult looking through the grill knowing where to poke around without knowing your gonna damage anything.Does anyone have a video to follow?.

Push down hard on the bonnet and get someone else to pull the latch inside the car. This happened to mine after the garage fitted New bonnet gromets

What latch inside the car? It opens from a key in the front?.

Ahh sorry I assumed it was the same as the fiesta sorry. With the fiesta you pull a latch inside the car and this pops the bonnet so that you can get your hand under to lift the actual bonnet catch

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