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Full Version: Mk6.5 Fiesta: A Summary
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So I've been on here ages and have actually only found this thread :iim:


May as well start one now before I decide to change the car.


Well ive had a few things done now! so far its had black and chrome dmb's, sierra cosworth alloys, lowered 40mm, yellow tinted fog lights and a few other wee things! 




Then came the rear spacers



wub.png wub.png wub.png


tinted the rear lights to get rid of the silvery bits that I always hated on the Fiesta's. Heres the results!



And now the inside, got myself some carbon fibre wrap so I decided to do a couple of things with it, so the door handles, seat tilter, glove box handle and the rear arm rests are wrapped.



Next was a bit different. I had the petrol cap, the lower part of the rear bumper (gives the look of a diffuser) and the roof wrapped in gloss black. The petrol cap and the roof have a wee surprise hidden in them. as this photo of the roof shows.










and finally I'm getting a photoshoot done of my car on friday night, done by yours truly will post photos on here of how she sits now, or if you want to get a early look then like my page on Facebook



Thanks for looking


Comments & criticisms welcome 

Its a new section of the site mate which will be why you missed it lol cars looking great I love the roof wrap and those alloys!

Cheers. OK don't feel quite so bad now! 


Yeah the wheels were always a gamble so I appreciate hearing compliments on them. Roof is different 

My mates got a focus RS and has got his roof wrapped similar but its got RS diagonally repeated :) looks pretty smart. Ive seen the wheels at santapod on Sunday but they were powder coated anthracite and looked brilliant :)
What else have you got planned for it?

Lovin' the car mate, especially the alloys, defs unique. Who did the roof wrap for you? I'm thinkin' of gettin' mine done as well. 


no other plans, I'm planning the next car so once i decide on what i'm getting and what i'm doing to it then this will probably go back to standard and being sold.


My roof wrap was done by my Step-bro, as he does vehicle wraps, Place called Bangor Signage in Co. Down


Cool. Might have to check them out.


Any ideas on what car you might want next?


Looking at doing something like this but a tad lower


next car will run on the devils fuel. would rather have a petrol but needs must.


lol devilsfuel, i like it.


Looks smart. By lower does that mean you're going kinda pseudo-euro looks wise?


more than likey will end up on hydro or air. will be running coilovers from the off though


Sweet. Look forward to seeing that.


Low enough?:




almost lol


was going to do a saloon like this 6118774050_270e2c79ec_b.jpg


but after realising I have a 2 year old Labrador Retriever, a year old Labrador Rottweiler cross and a king charles to cart about, decided the estate is probably the best option


Wow. Loving the X5 rims on that. Get the estate and stick them rims on it. Dogs. Bawlicks.


loving what you have done so far looks good

So insurance hasn't worked out on an Audi so I've resorted to plan b. Plan b is a blue oval with potential for power
Well I've managed to narrow my new car choice down to three and all of them are mk6.5 fiesta's (I know, very imaginative of me!)

Anyway here we go:
Option 1) ZS Tdci - focus 110 injectors, uprated turbo, CAIS and custom map
Option 2) ZS anniversary - CAIS, coilovers and other cosmetic mods
Option 3) (my favourite) ST - trip to jamsport, JS200+ and supercharger, cosworth inlet, coilovers and compomotive MO6's

What lights do you have in here mate? Look v bright!

Osram night breakers in the headlights with led sidelights
Well things have taken a turn for the worse. The car is currently moored up in the driveway due to a list of errors. Started with the abs light and handbrake light being constantly on the dash. Then my speedo stopped working, the trip computer lost all its info and the check engine light came on. Had it on a diagnostics machine after the abs and handbrake light came on and apparently there is an issue with the abs sensor and speed sensor on the front passenger wheel and the air temp sensor plus 8 unknown faults.

looks good mate loving the carbon wrap where did you get that ??

Carbon wrap is just off eBay. I bought a couple of big rolls of it and just sorta went nuts with it, only some of it stayed though
She looks well mate. Did you get the module sorted?
[quote name="Glentoran-Andy" post="268716" timestamp="1371551399"] She looks well mate. Did you get the module sorted?[/quote] Module bought, hopefully fitted tomorrow morning

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