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Full Version: Black Smoke On Start Up And While Revving
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As title really i get a puff of black smoke on start up  and when i rev the engine. any ideas?


many thanks


petrol or diesel and welcome to the forum


oh sorry its a diesel.


2001 2.0l with 111400 on clock


do you get it while your driving too?


mate that could be a million things(well ,half a dozen or so).but you need a diagnostics 1st.

Im not being funny but how on earth can anyone here know whats wrong? its one of those things,where a proper diagnostics will show whats not working correctly.honestly,before you start throwing money at it,& guessing games etc,spend £30-40 & get it read need all the sensor settings (MAF MAP fuel trim,etc).

could be a stuck egr or injector problem.but no point guessing. 


If we can get an idea of when the smoke is happening he will be able to do some simple checks first without having to even bother paying for a diagnostic or buying a code reader.


Also everything can be working correctly and you can still get black smoke which will have wasted the money on getting a diagnostic.


 the ONLY reason for heavy smoke is unburnt fuel full stop


I get a really thick puff of black smoke of start up then nothing while ticking over then if i pump throttle then i get the same puff of black smoke... i also get a tinny sound after 2k revs (like a rattle)


car pulls really well no juddying etc


i brought a new inlet/exhaust gaskets (cheapish) and to be honest prob does no harm in changing


tinny rattle could be your lifters.hard to say just by description. trust me,get a reading on all your sensors. doesnt even have to be a paid diagnostic. have you got any of your own kit? elm327 etc? theres plenty software online that'll give you all the readings you need. why are you replacing gaskets if you have a problem already though? have you had any injectors replaced recently? where is the rattle coming from?dya know? 


If your going to change the gaskets anyway, while its off, check the air hoses for splits especialy the one leading to the EGR and also see if the EGR needs cleaning. Its doubtfull that theres a split as you say theres no juddering but its worth a check for nowt.

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