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Full Version: What's This Pulley Called?
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Got a 'whine' coming from the driver's side of the engine which I tracked down to a specific pulley.  Bought a new tensioner because I thought that's what the pulley was attached to, but it isn't.  Got the whole car in pieces before discovering that the suspect pulley is actually mounted on the alternator mounting bracket (which I removed because it's easier to get the tensioner off that way).  Turns out at least I had the right pulley - the bearing is shot, wobbles like hell and makes a grinding noise when I turn it by hand.


It's a ribbed pulley, about three inches in diameter - as you look at the aux drive system it's the very top pulley, right at the back, above the alternator.  I need to get a replacement Monday but not sure what it is I'm asking for.  Any ideas?


[edit] Checked the Haynes manual, which, unhelpfully, refers to it as "idler pulley".  There is also another idler, non-ribbed, slightly bigger, also called "idler pulley".




just ask for the ribbed pulley above tensioner. just replaced all mines today,& NO MORE DRUMMING lol

Ford charges a fortune for tensioners etc. you can get the exact same pulley from transit parts on ebay for about a third of the price of ford etc. Instead of replacing the tensioner,folk would be better off just replacing the spring,and pulleys from the same guy on ebay. theyre uprated springs as well.done all my pulleys and spring for about £ WILL charge you a fortune for it(wouldnt be surprised if its £40!!


grab it,at that price

actually,just noticed its not inc vat & delivery though. its either that 1 for around £30(with deliv & vat),or ebay(transit parts etc) for under £20. wont matter if its genuine ford or not,as its just a dumb pulley lol

If you can get a gates or a genuine part will be ideal - gates make the genuine ones anyway.

If you like I will have a look as I have 2 brand new boxes gates pulleys.

Thanks guys - I'm going to grab one from Unipart on Monday.  I did know about Transit Parts on eBay (I have their pulley on my watch list, just in case), but I need the car to get my daughter to nursery Tuesday so unfortunately I can't wait for delivery as it wouldn't be here til maybe Wednesday.


My mate is picking it up for me cos I only have one car, so I took the pulley off the alternator mount so he can take it with him.  Was less than surprised when a load of metal shards fell out of the bearing when I took it off.


I'm replacing the belt too.  I only did it a bit over six months ago but already there are a lot of cracks along the ribs, so I might as well.


if your belts all cracked get a new spring for tensioner.only £15

my car is SOOO quiet its more drumming at idle


with regards to tensioner etc isnt it recommended to use the original ford tensioner,, 

patented part like tensioner hasnt really got a long life , start knocking again after abt 10 000 miles

well thats what iv been reading on earlier posts!


as i say,its not the tensioner,just the spring (& idler pulleys) you need.i bought an uprated new disigned 1 from transit parts & ive never heard a mondeo so quiet. will put a video up later to show you. really sounds good(no drumming etc). the old spring bush at the top was wearing into the metal alloy part of the tensioner & that was giving me a screech when starting/turning off engine. i think it wouldve lasted another 3 month before snapping.

All done, now. New pulley on, replaced belt too, all quiet again. Under an hour, start to finish. :D

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