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Full Version: Radio Upgrade On A Mk2 Focus Finally Finished
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After researching the project and posting a guide on how to do this job-


I seemed to talk myself into doing the job myself as proof of concept and having finally got the pieces together and the free time to do the job myself, here are the results.


Got this radio-




And this carbon fascia (wasn't interested in the standard silver one as I'm a carbon type of Guy so hung on for ages waiting for one to come available)-




These brackets from Ford so as to correctly fit the radio-




And some 6x25 dome head posidrive self tapping screws from B&Q-



How the radio looked before the project-




First, removing the old radio and unplug the quadlock and aerial-



Don't forget to remove any CD's first, you'll never get them out after if you don't do it now-




Then out with the old-




Remove the old rectangular fascia-





And the screw lugs as they'll get in the way of the new brackets-




Now to mount the adaptor brackets, they fit either side so you can't get them muddled up-





There is a "duck bill" clip on the back of the brackets that pushes into a hole, they can be a bit tight but will go in if pushed firmly.


Next re-connect the aerial and quadlock connectors and offer up the radio to the brackets-




Fasten the four screws loosely at first to ensure that the radio sits straight and then tighten them all up-




Clip the new fascia in place and check that everything sits flush-




Enter your new radio's code, test buttons and steering controls, retune your radio, set audio to your taste and sit back to admire the job.




If you look at the times on the radios you can see that the job took 15 minutes to swap one radio for the other and 9 minutes checking settings and testing the radio and CD sound so technically 25 minutes in total which also includes taking photos and faffing about.


Looks good Stoney , black and carbon go together nicely , so you opted for the Single CD with Mp3 or did i not look at the picture correctly :).


I was holding out for a 6 disc but they were going for stupid money and in the end i decided that a single disc of MP3 files is probably about 8 CD's worth of music or more so a 6 disc one would have been superfluous tbh.


cracking job that uncle



carbon looks really good too

Next step is waiting to see if I win the auctions for a carbon switch panel and ashtray, currently £10 for the ashtray with the matching carbon print but with 5 days to go I can see the price shooting up rapidly at the last moment.
Time will tell.
Hi Stoney, fantastic job. Can you give me the links to where you bought the items from? I can't find them. I'll appreciate if you can help Plz. Many thanks in advance.

Hi Stoney, fantastic job. Can you give me the links to where you bought the items from? I can't find them. I'll appreciate if you can help Plz. Many thanks in advance.

Trim and radio were from eBay, the brackets for the radio were from Ford and the screws were a B&Q job.
Full list of parts and a detailed guide are on a pdf file in my guides link below each of my posts.
The carbon fascia is very rarely available and expensive from Ford, an option there is to wrap a silver one or go for the silver carbon ones which do show up more often.
Hi Stoney, thanks for replying back. It's so difficult finding the stuff just got to keep my eyes open. Are the part numbers from ford and screw in the pdf? Btw would you have any information on speakers? My both rear speakers are gone but don't know what size or what speakers to replace them with and don't want to break the bank. Your help will be much appreciated. Many thanks again
All the info you'll need is within the pdf.
Afraid I can't offer much about speakers, I've never gone near mine.
There are plenty on eBay though with all relevant spacers and adaptors.
I'd start bu checking your rear right speakers wiring first though as many manufacturers wire that one first then piggyback across to the left side.
Thanks Stoney, much appreciated. Now hopefully I can buy the parts and complete as per your guide. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks for the advise.
If you need any more assistance don't be afraid to ask.
I'm always more than happy to help.

Hi Guys,


Please advise if possible. I will really appreciate as this is my first ever forum post :wacko:




Thanks :)

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