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Full Version: P0100 Pcm Fault? Info Needed
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Im gettin a pending 0100 air flow signal i think when its self-testing. Going to check maf sensor tomorrow. God i hate ford!
Hearing that it could be a pcm/ecu fault. Anyone have any suggestions? No splits etc in pipes. No other faults. Only got this after new gearbox installed/coincidence?
If it is pcm related,anyone know anyone that repairs them at reasonable cost? Time to get multimeter out & remembering to be careful with ecm ground wire? Not too clued up with electrical so going to follow the maf test on Appreciate any advice.

might be worth checking the maf sensor like you said before thinking the worst. the p0100 is MAF circuit malfunction so you might need a new one.


Clean the MAF and the MAP sensors and see how that goes. Whens the last time you changed the air filter?


took map / maf out & cleaned em both. new air/fuel filter.still the same.

Im getting 12v on maf sensor at A,B,C & getting between 1 & 2.5 i think on D when revving. But as the guy at garage said when they hooked it upto VCM,its not self testing. Sound like a bad PCM? Where to go from here? Not too clued up on ECU/PCM faults Im afraid. Can Ford reflash the ECU? etc


im not clued up either, and dont know much about testing for volts and stuff like that, the thing is if you get the ECU flashed, if the pcm or maf are faulty you will be still in the same situation as you were before doing it..


Might be worth going for a cheaper option first and taking a visit to local scrappers to see if they have any mafs or pcms.


snap.thats what i thought. Im getting 12v at A,B,C(i think 12v from memory),and between 1 & 2 point something Volts on D wires. Think its looking like a bad pcm. I have a possible theory as to why,maybe through using a  cloned ELM327 cable?? mmmmm


well that went straight over my head :lol:


get a real ELM327 cable thingy then if a cloned one doesnt work


haha. no i mean i used a cloned OBD cable a while back & have a feeling it caused this,maybe. wont be using anymore cables unless its the real thing.

its too difficult to tell whether something real or cloned nowadays  :wacko:


Its often the price that gives it away :lol:  peanuts or second mortgage


All I need now is some figures on what readings a normal MAF/MAP should be. Got Fordiag up & running but no good without knowing what these sensors should read. Someone said the map should run at 1bar? anyone? Im positive my PCM is bad,as earlier I checked & still have a pending 0100 fault code. I have a brand new maf sensor here from a guy saying its genuine ford part,but doesnt have ANY ford logo etc stamped on it,so dont wanna put it on my car. Gets my goat how folk can sell these items on ebay etc,saying theyre genuine but turns out theyre not.And when i said I didnt believe that its a genuine ford maf sensor,he initially had a pic on ebay of the sensor & a ford box,but now he's taken the pic down of the box & changed it. dodgy me thinks


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