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Full Version: Noisey Fan Motor, Being Sold A Pack Of Lies By Dealer
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Cockney Boy

Ive got a 2011 S-Max Titanium X Sport and over the last few weeks ive noticed that the fan motor sounds like a WW2 Bomber when on speed setting 7.


I booked it in at my local Dealer (Perry of Aylesbury) and asked to investigate it as i felt that the sound was the fan motor being out of balance. To my disgust they came up with the following lame excuse and refused to take it any further.


"We inserted a camera into the heater box and found a Leaf" I asked how did it get there and the guy bhind the counter just shrugged his shoulders. so i asked "Well did you take it out?" he replied "No as its not covered under warranty" I was sitting there thinking if the tech really did find a leaf why didnt he do the right thing and remove it? or was there acutally a leaf int here?


My bet is that the fan is out of balance (i can feel the vibration throught he steering wheel) and it will be a dockyard job to remove and replace the motor. But i looked under the bonnet and there is no way that anything large than a Fly could make it into the heater/motor box.


At the time i should have asked to speak to the technician and say "well wheres the video footage?"


So what should i do about the above? take it back and demand that they show me the leaf or contact Ford Direct and tell them that their dealer is telling their customer lies and doubting weather to use them ever again?


Over to you :(

although i wouldnt be convinced about the leaf diagnosis, you'd be suprised how much debris can get sucked in....a wet leaf can get through tiny holes, dry out and expand to normal, pollen filter gets removed, leaving leaf behind, leaf can get wrong side of filter when replaced and end up in the fan.

leaves can cause noise and small vibration but never heard it get to the extent you describe, i would agree that fan unbalanced/loose or a blade damaged..i would ask for second opinion

I strongly suggest a second opinion from an alternate dealer, also take notes of where and when the 'diagnosis' was made (and raised to their attention).


If the second dealer agree its a warranty job, either let them take it on, or get their diagnosis.


If you get conflicting answers, contact the Ford Customer Service and give them everything you have.


2nd dealer is the way to go.


all costs should be reimbursed by ford, if the second dealer diagnose a warranty fix, you should get your refund from the first dealer for diagnostics if you paid for it!

Cockney Boy

Its booked in with another dealer and he immediately said that it could be a pollen filter that was not correctly put back (doubtful) as the recent insoection would have involved the removal anyway (im assuming) he did say that leaf's could get in, but a leaf isnt going to make my steering wheel vibrate.


Its booked in on the 20th so ill report back. But this isnt the first issue ive had with perrys Aylesbury and i would rather drive 20 miles to a decent garage than waste my time at one who argues about warranty or "not our problem" attitude. Where has decent customer service gone?


think 2nd dealer is suggesting that pollen filter may have been fitted reversed at some previous point, which will restrict the air flow and may cause the fan motor to 'overheat'...that will damage the motor and could very well lead to vibration.


could also mean filter wasnt fitted correctly in that a gap was left and it allowed debris past it, then straight to fan


keep us in the loop with this one!

Cockney Boy

Latest update on the matter.


Took the car to another Ford Dealer in Thame Oxfordshire and the experience couldnt have been better. The guy listened to my problem, and came up with a few possibel causes, none of which was a leaf!.


They took the car away and was back in 30 minutes, i was expecting to be told that there was nothing wrong, but to my suprise the guy said "before we start taking your car apart we want to order in a fan motor, so if it is that then at least we have it there to replace" he said it would take about 3-4 days as its not normally something that goes wrong.


Why on earth couldn't Perry's of Aylesbury have said that? it does seem they dont like anything warranty even though they get paid for it.


Will keep you guys updated on the new part when fitted.


very few garages like it, when they buy the part and labour from Ford's they are paid at Ford's acceptable rate, and prices. i.e. about half what you would have to pay them, then they have no profit, whereas if they can convince you that you have no claim, you have to pay full labour and parts cost, and they are back in profit.


I have seen this with many companies. You can tell by the urgency they apply. If you want a warranty job, its weeks down the line, however, if you phone them and tell them you need them to fix a big problem, and they think its not warranty, you could be squeezed in within about 24 hours...

Cockney Boy

Latest update is the replacment fan is on back order....The guy kindly phoned me today and said "chances are its quite a common fault as normally it onyl takes a few days"


it wont be out of balance fan, itll be the bearings in the fan motor. Very common fault, Ive done quite a few myself and its a 7 hour job cos its dash out to get to it

Cockney Boy

Off at a tangelt here, but i couldnt help sayig this.


I ordered a touch up paint from the part counter at Aylesbury Perry's a week ago, got a call form a nice lady who told me that it was in and ready for collection. popped in there yesterday at about 5.30, went up to the parts counter where the guy behind the counter was speaking to a woman about parts ( i assumed is was a customer) so i stood there for about 4 minutes, the guy clearly see's me but continues to chat to the woman, its only when she turned around a bit that i saw her "Perrys" staff badge.


So without hesitation i blew my top and said "F*** it you can keep your paint" and walked off, only to hear the woman say "he's free now"......


Why oh why do dealerships like that still be in business? No customer facing skills what so ever, at least the guy could have done was say "ill be with you in two minutes" and i would have been ok with it.


Ford will get to hear of this and it will be a statement of "give me three good reasons why i should buy another Ford?"


Sorry for the rant :(


An excellent response IMHO, and one that I certainly would have iterated.


A complaint to Perry's would be my first point of call, then to head office.

Cockney Boy

The crazy thing is, my brother in law is a technician there, and he said today that all the staff have recently been on a course to stop that type of incident from happeneing !!!! Think that guy was on holiday that day :wacko:

Cockney Boy

Well the car went in for its fan motor to be changed and it doesnt sound like a WW2 bomber anymore :) And it took two guys 3 hours to do it, just hope now that when it goes all back together i dont get any squeaks or rattles :wacko:


I will now be sending a letter into Ford telling them off the poor service ive had at perry'sAylesbury along with a letter of commendation to Thame Ford for their excellent level of service.


hopefully peace remains then Richard, and definitely send that letter, the Ford CS team are good at passing the feedback on...

Cockney Boy

Just had a letter from Ford who are investigating the issue. They have also sent me a free 36 Month service letter. This wasnt what i was after just a garage to do warranty work when it was requried. let hope Perry's of Aylesbury learn from this and bette their customer service, i wont hold my breath tho


well at least you got something I suppose, better than a kick in the ghoolies!

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