I am another newbie here.

I have just brought a 1998 R-reg Escort 1.8LX 16v a few days ago.

It is running pretty awful and needs a few things doing to it, I need to change a front wheel bearing which should not be too hard.

after spending ages reading this forum I have decided to check and clean the idle control valve (if i can find it) later when I get home from work, hopoefully this will solve the cutting out and poor running of the engine when it is cold.

When I start the car from cold in the morning there is loads of blue smoke coming out of the exhaust, I want to change the valve stem seals. can I do this without removing the head from the car? I dont know much about ztech engines and have hardly even looked at one before.

with older cars I have changed the oil seals by using a tool i made to push the valve spring down, but i am not sure if I can do the same on this car.

any hints would be great