1.6 Duratec Petrol 125bhp 08 Plate Mk 4


Hi all,


Just done a head gasket but as I didn't strip it I'm having trouble setting things up again.


I have markings on the clamps and cam shafts with tipex but sadly I think I've mixed them up back to forth.


I know that the teeth/cogs on the pulley end the smaller one goes towards the front of the engine but as for the actual cam shafts themselves (Which have been detatched from the cogs) I can't seem to find any markings to specify which is the inlet and which is the exhaust side.


The only markings are L913B on both and one has 6A with the other reading 2B.


On the other side one reads P and the other reads N.



Any ideas which one goes on the front/back?