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Full Version: Google Nexus 7 As A Gps Unit And Ford Sync Integration
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Hi guys,


In some days I'll be the proud owner of a Ford Fiesta 2013! :-)


I wasn't convinced by the integrated SatNav system because it would take me 2 months minimum to get the car and didn't know if it was good or not, so for 600€ extra I decided not to buy it.


The alternatives:


- GPS portable unit

- Tablet with GPS (Nexus 7 came to mind) to use when needed with downloadable apps


I'm not sure where to mount the gps / table yet but I don't want it to mark the windshield so I was thinking in a dash aproach.


Anyone was experience with using a tablet for GPS vs a gps dedicated unit? Does the tablet sync with ford sync?


Thank you


Does the tablet sync with ford sync?


What kind of syncing do you expect? It will basically work like any other phone via Bluetooth, e.g., if you want the voice directions via the stereo, you need to select Bluetooth streaming on SYNC, and need to have music playing on the tablet if you still want to have music on the car's stereo.


You will not be able to have both the tablet AND a phone connected at the same time


Thank you.


How does the GPS from the tablet work? Is it accurate compared to a dedicated gps?


I heard in some phones that they overheat extremely with GPS. Is that a problem with tablets?


Is it possible then to have an app to receive phones calls in tablet while mantaining the gps working with a reduced sound volume?


If you use skype or similar, yes. Normal phone use (your number) would require a tablet that is also a phone (the Nexus 7 isn't), and the correct contract/ SIM card  (not data only).


Hum I see, like the Asus Padfone? What is the current cookie cutter tablet with phone + GPS? The ipad (mini) with 3gs?


The Padfone is the only one I can think of, I don't think the Ipad mini has phone capabilities. Else you can look at the phablets, e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note (2), which seem to be growing to 6" and beyond.


I see, well in that case I can have the phone synched with the Ford Sync system and a nexus 7 un-synched.


Can I sync a music playlist of the tablet with the ford sync system?


Thank you


Only via USB (if your "syncing" means playing, my "syncing" would require storage within the car, and there is none).

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