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Full Version: Streetka Trouble Starting
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Be grateful for any advice please re my streetka and on/off problems starting engine. It has been troublesome for a few weeks, sometimes starts ok but doesn't sound right and other times it goes to start and the revs just drop and engine dies and have to leave it for awhile until able to start again. No lights have come on and i took it to garage last week for them to take a look. Nothing showed up but spark plugs needed changing and leads, they also replaced fuel filter. It's been ok since until today and tried to start - engine sounded weak and just kept cutting out so left it. Any ideas what it could be?


Many thanks


I wonder if you have some dirty fuel, or maybe fuel pump is failing.


I'm sure some more knowledge will give you some better input.


sounds like air or fueling problem

would have a careful look for air leaks to start with


when you say nothing showed, did you mean no codes were present


Thanks for the replies!


Ok so it seems problems starting the streetka are worse in hot weather! ( Won't fire up just sort of splutters & dies). The garage said they would replace the coil pack if i was still having trouble but would this solve the problem or could it be something else?? Anyone had any similar problems?




No codes showed up when they tested it


could be coil pack....said it improved after plugs/leads, so could be related,


often found with fords that if there is ever a problem with any of the plugs or leads or coil, you end up having to change the whole lot..



but could still be a fueling problem if its noticably worse in warmer weather...coolant temp sensor or a faulty injector maybe


Yes, faulty plugs/ leads can "take out" the coil packs - as always its difficult to diagnose without access to the car or without hearing it running especially when no fault codes appear


You could disconnect the leads in turn to see if its missing due to lack of spark in individual cylinders and generally try to systematically eliminate what is ok/ narrow down the fault 

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