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Full Version: Steering Wheel Controls With Aftermarket Gps Help
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Hi all, i really need to pick everyones brains here if i could ... :wacko:


Purchased an aftermarket unit for my 07 Focus Ghia , you know the one ... gps/dvd etc etc

Now .. the issue is trying to get the steering wheel controls to work ..

I have the "stalk" controls attached to the steering column , so i guess its an analogue system , i simply cannot get the controls to take or even work from the stalk , i understand that as the unit came with a canbus box i need to remove than from the loom , which is fair enough ill do that .. but then what do i have to do to get this working. ?


Is it something then to do with the "spare" wires i have on the unit loom ?

for example key1 etc etc etc

What do i have to do ?


an idiots guide really would help.


Many thanks in advance

(ill attach an image of the unit later)


Piccy attached now , see unit & steering controls


Thanks again

Have you got a Mk 2 with the Mk2.5 centre dash? If the unit was for a Mk2.5 and your car is a Mk2 it may be the wrong canbus to work with your car.

Have you got a Mk 2 with the Mk2.5 centre dash? If the unit was for a Mk2.5 and your car is a Mk2 it may be the wrong canbus to work with your car.

Hi , first of thanks thanks for the reply ...  .yes its the mk2 with 2.5 centre from factory

The model of car is a late 07 Focus Ghia.

As mentioned i suspect its the analogue system so the canbux box has been removed out of the loom of the aftermarket unit as it simply plugs inline with the loom

Will it be the "spare" wires on the unit loom that seem to be a just in case .. as i recall there were maybe 2 or 3 wires labled but they were not bare ends they we sealed ends if that makes sense.


thanks again

The spare wires are usually for things like power for an electric aerial (normally blue) and power for a sub. I had a similar unit I fitted to my previous Focus which was an 09 plate. If I remember correctly it was the Canbus that allowed you to use the stalk controls and switched the unit to the reverse camera automatically when you selected reverse. If yours has been removed from the units loom I,m not sure how you are going to get it to work.

I only removed it to test , it doesnt work either way.

I read somewhere that my "control" is analogue therefore did not need the canbus box.


When i press the test in the steeringwheel setup on the unit it displays the values : 255 / 255 or something like.

But when i attempt to program the unit with the stalk controls i get nowhere with the canbus box in situe.


is it correct that removing the box is the right thing to do , you see this is where it confuses the whatever out of me .(by removing the box its simply a plugin to the loom thing)


Should it work without the canbus box right away with no splicing of wires etc ?

Should it work with the canbus box with my spec of car right away ?




you need a stalk control adapter for your particular unit, its just a third party cable that adapts one to the other. It sounds like where your pressing button X, the current control points it to control Z instead!


Good stuff James , any ideas on where i can one at all ?

Im assuming then itll just be a loom in-line type of affair .




i started some similar threads when i bought a dvd sat nav unit (looks similar to yours) after fitting it and the button light didnt work or the time staying set or the sat nav not connecting to the gps without going through the settings (takes around 10 secs to reset gps) i got the hump with it and took it out and refitted the cd6000 and put the dvd sat nav unit on gumtree london GOT LOADS OF GREAT ADVICE ON THE FORUM THERES LOADS OF HELP HERE but i just could start changing wires around when i havnt got a clue and wernt gonna pay a stereo installer so just went back to my old unit and tbh im not missing the imported unit


Dont get me wrong , i really do like unit , it works near pefectly apart from the pesky stalk controls...

Everything else is spot on really ..

BUT i do miss the remote control from the stalk.


Now of they made one which is DAB then that would be perfect.



Further to this adapter thingy i need , ive been searching around & it looks like they are freely available for "brands" such as kenwood, sony,pioneer etc ..


Has anyone used or any knowledge of them at all (adapters) ?


thanks again


hi aps67,


if you are fitting your new stereo in a mk 2 take out the stereo and check the wires on the bottom connector.

i too had this problem and it turned out to be that.

on your connector you have,


top block is power and so on

second block is for your speakers

and the bottom thin block is for your swc.

check these wires, on mine two of them where in the wrong place.


just remembered i bookmarked the page, :D


give this a read it tells you in better detail, hope it helps.


if not worth a try. ;)




EDIT. just checked and the image has been removed but you will be able to follow the direction given.

Hi there, I'm new to the forum and came across this thread and I was wondering if you had any feedback/comments on this unit?

Is it the D5161 unit? What's the UI like, and the sound quality?

Has anyone tried the Dynavin model?

As for your question, 255/255 certainly sounds like the sensing wire is either disconnected or connected directly to a 12V line (255 being the maximum value for an 8bit ADC.

I'll do some more research today to try and find the correct pinout for the multiplug on the Focus.



Ok, i've done a little research on google


it looks like the steering heel controls are connected between pins 11 and 12 on the ford (car-side) connector IF your connector looks like this (the left part):



You can test this with a multimeter across these two pins set to measure resistance. You should see approk 5k Ohm with no buttons pressed, and it should reduce as you press the steering wheel buttons.


Unfortunately, I can't find a manual for your head unit to see what the pinout is. But my suggestion would be to check that there are wires in the mating sockets for the pins 11 and 12 on the ford side?


Is your radio connector a Quadlock?


In which case it would be between pins 6 and 8 on connector B

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