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Full Version: Abs System Broked
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hi posted in the general forum but tough more with a ka might look , here , the abs and speedo stopped working then the engine management light came on so took it to the garage but his laptops away so took it to his friends , he ran tests and said tat the car wasnt speaking to the laptop and that it looks like the whole system needs doing which he reckons will be around 500 ,or getting a seccond hand one , my thoughts initially was tat it was just the abs sensor which had gone , so im nearly in tears hearing this 

does this sound about right , it needs to be booked in for more test to get right down to the problem.

ive had it since oct and is a 56 reg with 45000 , 

he said this is a common problem with the fiesta 

has any1 else experienced anything similar ?



The speedo data is fed from the abs sensors so that would account for the loss of the speedo functionality.
Personally i'd get the sensors checked by someone else first.
It could be something as simple as a duff sensor or a damaged wire.
Never take the first diagnosis or quote.

yea a was thinkin that , im going to pop into the other garage anyways and see what he actually has to say as its on my way to the bus stop anyways, theres a few small garages in my area but its taking it to  right one , as i dont want to drive it far with no speedo .

thanks for the help.

Do please keep us posted as to the outcome.

yea will do , if it was just a dodgy wire  or something smaller would tat make the car not respond with the computer? and how much is it usually for a full diagnostics test ? im abit clueless when it comes to fixing cars ,

Ford charge about £90 for a full diagnostic and will go deeper than systems used by independents.
Some garages don't have diagnostics that are totally compliant with Fords so not communicating may be more down to them than a problem with your car.

ok thank you 

is there any websites tat recommend garages in your area or how you find ford approved ones? ive tried check a trade and recommended people but they weren't any local enough for me . sorry for all the questions.

Truthfully you're probably best going to a Ford dealer for diagnostics then work from there.
Not to say you should get the work done at Ford, just at least get a no Bull diagnosis you can work from.

yea i know what your saying , although there is a halfords auto centre where i work and they are always giving us vouchers , i have 1 for 20% of servicing at the mo , i expect there equipment would be better aswell then a local garage , a few people have used them for MOTs from work and been happy with the service.


yea i know what your saying , although there is a halfords auto centre where i work and they are always giving us vouchers , i have 1 for 20% of servicing at the mo , i expect there equipment would be better aswell then a local garage , a few people have used them for MOTs from work and been happy with the service.

Interesting how you can base an MOT test as comparison as to whether the garage is any good or not??


The MOT is an inspection over ruled by VOSA and as such has absolutely no connection with the garage apart from the fact the test is done at that garage. As to Halfords autocentres having better equipment than a local garage....... Are you serious???


Im sorry mate but ive been a mechanic for 20 years plus, and I can categorically state that Halfords Autocentres equipment is no different than anyone elses!! I know because I used to manage one of their centres!! The eqiupment belongs to the mechanics NOT the centre except maybe a few expensive tools like the ramps or tyre machine or tracking guages.


On to your problem with the abs and speedo. You will probably find its either one of these following causes

1: ABS sensor ring excessively corroded

2: ABS sensor faulty

3: ABS fuse blown in fuse box

4: Problem with the ABS unit itself


These are in order of what I think it will be, this is based on my vast experience working on the cars in my professional capacity.


And also for the record my Snap on scanner has all the functionality of the Ford computer diagnosis system, and a few more functions besides, I can actually re-map the ecu from my scanner terminal. This is also equipment that any garage can buy!


Sorry if it seems im being a bit sharp, but it winds me right up when people reckon main dealers and national chains are better than independant garages. Because ill tell you now, THEY ARE NOT


totally agree with that.


diagnostics are a minefield, but there are plenty of machines that can cope with ford abs...lack of communication is no guarantee that abs control is kaput...especially if this diagnosis is based on a single attempt with one machine....

as said, just as likely to be a problem with software used.


go for a local garage and explain the situation and ask if they are equipped to diagnose the system, preferably with more than a laptop with software from ebay




dont forget, equipment used is only as good as the tech that is using it.....main dealer is no guarantee of a bull free diagnostic...they are more likely to throw parts at it because the computer says to as the parts are on the shelf...probably eventually find the problem, but quite happy to still bill you for all those other parts you never needed in the first place.


no thank you people i need people to be sharp , obv i no mots are different but i dont really understand the whole diagonstics side to it. (it was making me wonder what they did in the good old days before laptops and computers! obv cars werent as complex i know...) 

i was just asking if people had similar problems , as i dont want to be ripped off , the person  the 1st garage have referred me to is a diagnostics specialist . i just need help and advice as im new to this and dont know any1 1st hand for advice. ive seen plenty it on watchdog ( sad i know ) about main dealers ripping you off also! 

its just a big headache on who to trust.

ive just heard and read so many stories about people getting ripped off ! some even on this forum now ive read back with similar problems! and i dnt think being a young lass that knows nothing helps when i go into the garage haha!

i appreciate  the help and advice.   :)  :)


Yeah being a young attractive female is the worst thing you can be in some garages!! In mine I would guarantee youd get treated like everyone else, but I know what others are like. Its wrong but thats how the world turns.


And before the computer diagnosis, we had to find the fault ourselves, repair the parts our selves. Now the whole ethos of a mechanic is plug it in and replace what the computer says. I bet none of the current crop of mechanics would be able to rebuild alternators, starter motors etc like I was taught how to. I feel quite priveleged actually as I was the last generation of real mechanics, now theyre just fitters and if the computer doesnt work they are bang out of luck!


Its also a pity I havent got any mates up your way that run car garages, I have one mate in Seaham who runs a motorbike shop, but thats no use to you. HOWEVER, ive just done a small bit of research for you and have come up with this Its in washington, so dont know how far from you it is, but the reviews ive seen are glowing and its a good run family business. Might be worth giving them a call.


hahaa !! yep i would get my dad to take it in but he works different shifts , think he would look dead manly in my car! haha. hes just been explaining about criptin tunes  (bad spelling i know) from back in the day! 

well i rang the man and he sed he would charge 40 an hour . but would need a good few hours to look as it is in an awkward place! makes me sad to think i might have to spend 100ish for a computer to do most the hard work just to find the problem ,  but i suppose thats what has to be done .im goin ring a round tho for cheaper quotes 1 garage says bosch diagnostics , and u think my brother uses them and charges 35, hes way at the min tho and not replying to me haha, obv there all away home.


oooh thank you i will have a read , washingtons about a 20 min drive from mine straight down the a1, i also have friends/collegees  in washington who may have used them. i could always plug my sat nav in to check my speed etc id need it anyways to find the place .

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^^ haha same i dont work for asda or im not a sunderland fan!! 


there is no shame in not being a sunderland fan :)


hat off to steelie for going the extra yard with the research, sounds exactly the sort of buisness you should be looking for


im one of the old skool mechanics too, someone like yourself i would spend as much time as it takes to run you through the why's and wherefors of what im doing/need to do in plain english...then once the problem is known, give you all the options available to get it fixed..anyone that doesnt wouldnt inspire me with much confidence in they can be trusted/honest


best tip is ask as many questions as you feel necessary....the moment you feel the wool is being pulled over your eyes...walk away..


hope you get it sorted



read that thread last night , quite intresting , obv mines not a fiesta or a focus but its the same age as most of these peoples .

theres only 1 garage open sat n sun n thats halfords haha so its looking more and more like the likely option as i ring round.


reading that, it increasingly sounds like the module, just had a quick look on a company i use for ecu repairs, sure enough KA's suffer the same problem.


if it is a module, then give this place a try for a quote, they can probably repair your unit which will save you the extra cost of having a new one programmed into the car.


have done a number of repairs for me and found them to be trustworthy and their prices are'nt too bad..though you do have to send the module to them.


ok thank you  . 

if it is the module i dunno whether its gonna be wirth getting it replaced

after all the fuss my freind is goin to run a diagnostics test on it ...hopefully today . i feel sick knowing what the outcome is most likely to be .


Dont worry too much. The internet is full of scare mongering and false diagnosis. I reckon itll be something simple as in my experience it mainly is.


would tend to agree with that, just that if the car actually went to a diagnostic specialist as she was told by the mechanic, then lack of communication, speedo issue plus all the lights tends to point to the module...not come across this myself yet but apparently they are the classic symptoms..


time will tell..hope its good news


bit of an update 

had a friend plug their set in to the car and came up with the code p0121. which is something to do with the throttle.

which im not 100% sure how thats connected like , but its the only code that did come up on the set .

so now i just need to get it to the garage to get fixed where im sure theyll tell me a have many more problems

with it.

althoigh this has only turned the engine management light off and the abs is on and speedo still not working. so not sure if this is a totally different problem. 


thats an engine code,  wouldnt be concerned with that right now

abs will be on a different system, either your friends machine wasnt capable of accessing the abs or he also found  no communication from abs module


has anyone mentioned to you that fuses have been checked?


yea i was thinkin it was a seprate issue , plus my car is showing no signs of the symptoms when i checked the code out  , althouh the machine did say it was pending , not sure what that means.

no nothings been majorly checked yet and ive not been charged for a anything , it was just a quick plug in to in the actual garage laptop and when it wasnt reading the car he rang me to explain and to arrange a time for a fulll diagnosis check.


im guessing if 2 systems have failed to pick up the abs problem , and alot of other 2006 fords have had these symtoms , i have a very expensive repair on my hands :(


or a blown fuse....which is why i asked the question


a pending problem can come up for a number of reasons, more often than not they can be cleared never to return, or it could be triggered by the problem with the abs...seperate system yes, but the speedo failure may possibly trigger the code.

wouldnt worry about this untill the abs has been sorted


just a quick update if any1 still cares or wishes to help


finally took the car in , they cant pick up a problem with ABS , hes took it to another garage and an auto elelctrican who couldnt find a problem either checked 4fsues n alternator which are all fine, hes suggested i take it to ford (at 85 an hour itd be cheaper to buy a new car) however said the code keeps coming uo abouyt the throttle so gonna fix the sensor for that to take the managemnt light of hopefully (not sure if this will help the speedo issue like my bf tinks bt he knows nothing)

so im guessing like alot of other 2006 modles that the whole units gone bye bye :(


Still interested. ;)

As you have ABS, the car takes data from the sensors to calculate your speed (better than the old standalone VSS).


P0121 is Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch 'A' Circuit Range/Performance.


The code means that the computer is having a problem limiting the voltage going to the sensor to begin with.

The sensor uses a 5 volt Reference voltage, the sensor detects variations of voltage so as to calculate the position of the throttle pedal, incorrect voltage equals incorrect throttle interpretation.

It could well be the ECU is malfunctioning especially if the ABS fault is flashing up too.


well its deffo the abs full thing thats gone

now just need to find the part , i gt told not all kas have abs though and also has my car been a slightly older modle it would be easier to get the parts,i wouldnt mind really i just done like that the speedo doesnt work , esp when ur sat nav always falls off .



worth checking if your ecu can be repaired,,give this company a call, used them a few times for ecu work, never let me down and prices arent too bad...


ill check them out , a few people have said to repair them , wats the guarentee tho for it to be actually fixed ?im guessing if its a common problem they will of done loads.

and does any1 know if all ford 2006 ford kas will have the same unit  and the same serial numbers ive heard 2004-2008 models do but i dont believe everything i read on the net.


any ecu can be repaired, they are nothing more than circuit boards and chips etc,,,, just depends on cost compared to new.


majority are the same as think they only did 3 varients of the same engine for best part of 10 years, chances are the abs fitted around that year were all the same.


there is always the second hand route, dont think there is any programming issues with fitting a 2nd hand one, but worth checking before purchasing

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