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Full Version: Centre Console And Bluetooth
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Hi, I've just fitted my Bluetooth now it kind of works. It finds my phone fine it has my phone book and it makes calls but I have no sound at all. Also when The Bluetooth is on and try to play some music from the line in nothing. Oh and the microphone does not work? All this was retro fitted using new genuine Ford stuff. Would it be a cause of going to Ford to activate some of the sittings, or does anyone have any ideas to try?

Also I'm fitting a mk2.5 centre console to a mk2. The console I have now has the arm rest from standard and has like a ash tray draw at the back, now how do I get to the two rear blots as I can't get to them without breaking the draw out. Does anyone know how to remove this?
First i believe that the system needs setting up with IDS, others here will be able to advise better on that.
Concerning the tray removal, i believe you have to lift it up and then pull backwards to disengage the clips.
Thought as much, wonder how much that's gonna cost me?

I will try the tray tomorrow.

Cheers mate!
I've just fitted part of my facelift console into my mk2 but I need to know where the plug is to fit into this plug.


i found a similar end, taped behind the plastics, close to where your end will reside. You should easily spot it when you take the console out.


I am unsure if it is the same connector since i have not fitted the console yet.

I'm also in the process of this and yes that connector does plug straight into it.
Cheers guys. Giwrgos_ath that's the plug. Where exactly did you find it, was it behind the passenger kick panel? Is yours a mk2 or a mk2.5 (facelift)

It's a Mk2.5.


I removed the passenger kick panel (Driver for my LHD, but no difference at all) and found it stuck on the plastic above that.


I hope the following image makes some sense.

Do you have the face lift or the mk2? When it stops raining I will have a look.

Mk2.5 is the Facelift.


Better image for you.

Sadly mine a mk2 and not a face lift like yours and I doubt I have the plug but like I say when it stops raining I will have a good look round and will keep you posted. Many thanks for the advise and photos.

I'm pretty sure MK2 don't have this connector.


The MK2 arm rest has many differences with the MK2.5. The MK2.5 has:

1. a cigarette lighter under the arm rest

2. a cigarette lighter or a start button on the console top

3. a weird electronic part under the console (antenna or something)

4. USB and AUX under the arm rest.


All those connect in that plug.


The MK2 has none of the above.


You will have to wire the cigarette lighters directly to a power source.


You can probably piggy-back your current cigarette lighter. You might have issues with the fuses, however i find this unlikely since people sell 3-way cigarette light splitters.

Easy to mske a piggyback.
Unfortunately i just passed one on to Brigante
All you need is four female and two male bayonet crimp connectors, about a metre of twin core 20A csble and some shrink tube.
If you check out Brigante's build thread he's posted a diagram i made to show how to wire it up.
Stoney871 do you make these looms yourself? You can see where this is going lol, could you make me up a loom I'll happy pay you.
The one i passed to Brigante was made for me but i could make something similar up quite easily.
Warch this space.
I'm watching lol. Cheers mate!

Just waiting for some suitable cable to arrive and I'll knock a cable up for you.

Please give me a nudge via P/M towards the weekend in case I forget what I'm supposed to be doing.

Will do mate cheers

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