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Full Version: Removing Radio Facia
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Does anyone know where I can get the yellow tool in this picture which can be used to remove the plastic facia from around the cd head unit?




I don't think you need to buy such a tool. Anything that is plastic, durable, flat and wide will do.


I took mine out without a tool at all. Just grabbed the gab on the bottom and pulled out.

Just get a flat bladed screw drive under the bottom edge where the heated window switches are and prize it out till you can get your fingers under it then just ease it out it is quite tight but it will come out without breaking I,ve had mine out a dozen times or more this way.

Start from the bottom with a flat blade screwdrive covered in a duster , then move onto the center heater dial and each side then working upwards , use your other hand to grip and put pulling pressure until ai all unclips , carefull at the top that you donw break it around the Hazard switch , just keep the screwdriver wrapped and work your way up


take your time be gentle or you will damage the clips




I used a tyre lever from a cycle puncture repair kit I brought from Tesco which has two plastic levers which are very useful for facia removal and repairing trim. I have removed the section around radio with the tyre lever and it was fine.

Bojo tools, loads of different types for all tricky trims and clips.

just need a little help in trying to answer a question for a guy who has a focus 2005 and wants to fit a 2009 cd6000 i know he needs a new facia but can any 1 link me from ebay the adapters needed to screw the radio in i know there ford parts number






1547964 x 2 @ £4.37 each – Adapters

I've never seen any on eBay, when i upgraded my radio the adaptors had to come from Ford.
Btw, have you seen my guide for the upgrade you're planning?
Link to the printable PDF file is under my signature picture.

stoney its not me upgrading im selling my dvd sat nav player on gumtree and the guy who wants to buy it has a 2005 focus and the units for the mk2.5

Print the guide out and pass it on to him, i'm sure he'll find it useful.

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