Alright folks another couple of questions

The other day I accidently blew the fuse for my head unit. Changed the fuse, all is working well again, except for the radio

No matter what I do the radio cant tune in n wont pick up a signal.

I try searching for the strongest channels but all i get is white noise.

The aerial is definitely plugged into the aerial adaptor, which is definitely plugged into the headunit. All wiring appears fine too.

Is there a separate fuse for the aerial? If not, any suggestions what could be stopping the radio tuning in?

Second question

For a while now my driverside central locking switch wont engage. It will push in all the way, and i can hear a faint sound of the mechanism trying to do something, but it wont engage.

Its only the driverside that has the problem, the passenger side will engage all the central locking, including the driverside. The driverside does properly engage when activated by the passenger side as the door cant be opened from the outside.

The driverside can also unlock the central locking. But it just cant lock it.

I believe it happened when i tried to activate the central locking from the driverside while parked up and i accidently hadnt shut the door properly.

I've took the interior scan switch out and gave the cental locking hinge a liberal blasting with wd40. This hasnt done anything.

Annoyingly, the other day when i went to activate the central locking from the driverside to demonstrate to my missus that it wont work, it worked perfectly. But then when i unlocked it and tried it again, it stopped working again and only worked that once

so i know its capable of working but chooses not to

Apologies for the lengthy post but has anyone got any ideas for either issue?