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hi guys i bought a 1.8 tdci sport focus but when i get in it strat the engine some times there is no revs at all then it will kick in i took it to a garage today and the codes come up are 0336  1632  0100 and 1260 anyone no what they mean and do u think it would b to do with any of these the problem thanks guys im new so need a bit of help lol


These are what the fault codes mean -


P0336 Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance 

P1632 Smart Alternator Faults Sensor/Circuit Malfunction

P0100 Mass Air Flow Circuit Malfunction

P1260 THEFT Detected, Vehicle Immobilzed


I would check it has the correct (silver calcium) type of battery fitted, and look at the alternator 1st, as voltage changes/ fluctuations can sometimes generate spurious fault codes.  


i went to the garage today cos the light come bk on and the only code that come up is p0100 air mass so dont no if i should get a new one or c if the pin is broke like one of the guys had on here



Voltage fluctuations can sometimes generate spurious fault codes -


(if the cars' battery voltage is wrong you can get false fault codes from sensors that are really ok, or one code/ fault can cause more fault codes- like a chain reaction)


Look at the MAF sensor connector and if no pins are broken, clean the connections and just put it back on, it might just be a loose/ bad connection (and save you paying for a new one) - the actual sensor is delicate and must be cleaned carefully  


ok when i do that do i have to go and get the eml turned off b4 i will c if that worked is there anyway of seeing if it is the maf its self 


Unless  the MAF is obviously phisically broken or damaged its difficolt to tell, you can buy a code reader for about £20 that you can read your codes and reset them as often as you like (F-super, available online - you will need a windows pc with a USB port)   


Just because the Air mass flow is "out of range" / "circuit malfunction",does not nessesarily mean the MAF itself is faulty 


Some mechanics disconnect the MAF and drive the car around to see if it makes any difference


Do you have a multimeter or can you aquire one?


i dont have a multimeter but yes i can buy one and i was thinking of unplugging the maf and driving it to c if it does anything or stays the same what should the volts b on all the pins if i get a multimeter

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