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Full Version: Ford Focus St 225 Running Rough
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Hi I have recently purchased a focus st 225 59 plate and when it is ticking over it feels like the engine is stumbling and juddering and this vibrates threw the car and the rev needle doesn't move at all and when ticking over. And when you set off it drives normal but I have been in my mates st and it doesn't vibrate or judder at all I can't figure out what is up with it any help would be great
Cheers .

Hello and welcome!


Im not that familure with the car but it could be the DMF rattling , engine mounts loose/ worn ,(the bottom gearbox one is under a lot of stress - especially if it is driven hard or tuned) or the car not running on all cylinders (running on 4 :lol: ) due to fouled plugs or faulty coil packs / ht leads (that only occurs at tickover and disappears when the revs rise)


The DMF can produce metal swarf, that can interfere with the crank/ flywheel position sensor,  as the sensor is magnetized


I know the ST225 has a DMF because the people that do the SMF/ carbon/ kevlar clutch i got for my car do them for ST225s too


If you check some of these things or get your fault codes read / get a code reader you could narrow the problem down/ eliminate what is >not<  wrong let us know how you get on     

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