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Guys I've always thought the standard clocks on my 55 plate TDCi are...well, pretty standard, so would like to do something with them. Put lockwoods in my old Mondeo and loved them, but can't seem to get a white set for the Mk2 Focus diesel. I made enquiries before to a seller but heard nothing back, so put that idea to bed.


Also, ST clocks would be no good obviously, and I couldn't be bothered with the hassle/uncertainty of fitting facelift clocks.


So, stealing inspiration from a build thread on another forum, I was thinking of picking up a set of facelift clocks and taking them apart to strip the silver surround out of them, and inserting these to my standard clocks.


Has anyone done this or know if it's much hassle?


Why not put the MK2.5 (facelift) into your car. If you use the right diagnostic interface and software and follow the correct procedure it can be done without any problems.


 Until now I have put several MK2.5 instrument clusters into a Focus MK2. These were petrol engines as well as Diesel engines.




If you want to modify your original instrument cluster you can use the Lockwood dial plates which are also available for the Focus MK2 in black and white.


I just don't fancy the hassle of the reprogramming and the associated cost of having it done to be honest. If I just change the surrounds it should be a little job I can do myself in an hour, rather than having to find (and pay!) someone who has the required software and diagnostics.


I have looked into Lockwoods before, but can only find white ones for petrol clocks, and when I asked about diesel ones I didn't hear back, so I didn't bother looking into it further.


Is the layout of the backlights all the exact same? I was worried if I used facelift ones (with the silver middle section and rings) that the amber and red warning lights (see pic below) next to LCD display would be obscured...


Here's an expample of the clocks I was thinking of using...


The MK2 and MK2.5 instrument clusters are completely different. The dial plates and needles have different sizes. The MK2 has the needles of the fuel and temperature gauge on the bottom of the gauge while the MK2.5 has the needles at the top of the gauge.


MK2.5 instrument cluster parts will not fit into your MK2 instrument cluster without major modifications.



There are companies which can make custom dial plates for instrument clusters but it will probably cost a lot of money. It will be cheaper to buy and re-program a MK2.5 instrument cluster into your car.


The MK2 and MK2.5 instrument clusters are completely different. The dial plates and needles have different sizes. The MK2 has the needles of the fuel and temperature gauge on the bottom of the gauge while the MK2.5 has the needles at the top of the gauge.


Not on any I've seen buddy! That pic above is my cluster, I took the pic to show a guy on here the warning lights beside the LCD display. I know it's dark, but you can make out the large rev counter and speedo on the right and left sides, and the small temp and fuel gauges at the top middle, and the LCD info display at the bottom middle. You thinking of the difference between Mk1 and Mk2?


My fear now is that the silver centre section will block the lower LCD display on my cluster.


Might just have to try it to find out!


Did you open the ebay link? It might explain better what I'm thinking of trying.


I want minimal cost, so as you say, no point getting a set of custom faces made up. That's why I'm thinking my idea might be a nice upgrade if i can get a set of damaged clocks for cheap!


I have taken apart both the MK2 and MK2.5 instrument clusters and can say for sure (internally) they are completely different. The layout may be looking the same but the size of the dial plate and other components are different. The MK2.5 front fascia will not fit onto the MK2 cluster. Because of the different size of the dial plate it will partially block the MK2 dial plate  I already tried this in the past.


The MK2.5 dial plates  are a bit smaller then the MK2 dial plates. The needles are shorter also. The warning symbols are ont a different position also.


Right, I misunderstood there...when you said the needles were at different positions (top and bottom) of the gauge, I thought you meant the gauges were at different positions on the cluster! I get you now though.


You clearly know you're stuff regarding the gauges as I seen in your build thread that you had done the facelift conversion yourself, which is why I was confused when you said about the smaller gauges at the bottom.


I'll take your word anyway then that they don't fit and won't waste my money experimenting to find out. Thanks for the info!


I know that the silver rings from the Mk2 ST clocks will fit the dials, so might keep an eye out for a cheap set of these.

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