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Full Version: 2Nd Hand Car, Various Niggly Issues
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I've just got a Mk1 1999 Focus Ghia, it was cheap but has a few issues and I want to know a) can they be fixed, or are common.


1) The front fogs dont work, I've checked them and they are disconnected, I've replaced the bulbs and plugged them back in but still nothing, the rear also doesnt seem to work.  No lights appear on dash to indicate they are on (double pull on light switch to turn on).  


2) Very weird one - the mileage on the car has either 2 digits missing from the front (mot in nov shows 73000) but all I can see is 658.  When ignition is turned on the whole line of 8's appear but replacing it with the 658.  The garage swear that it was working but I have no proof and it was sold as part ex so no warranty.  I can wait until it hit 1000 to see if it a 1 appears but I dont do much mileage.


thanks in advance


For issue 2 try this;


1. press and hold the tripmeter reset button then turn the ignition switch to position II or III.
2. Release the reset button when you see TEST is displayed on the LCD.
3. The instrument cluster will enter the gauge sweep test.
4. To navigate to the following tests while in self-diagnostic mode depress the RESET button to move to the next test.
5. The self-test is deactivated when the ignition is turned to the OFF position.


Is there any noticeable missing text or numbers on the screen?


I'll try this.  The number 8's do appear across the whole line when ignition is initially turned on, so the LCD is ok


8s shouldnt appear on the screen at all mate so its likely the cluster is at fault


The MK1 did suffer with a problem on the clusters where either the soldering was faulty or condensation would form causing a minor short.

Ford used to have a recall concerning this and did a £99 rectification on this but couldn't say if they would still honour this now.


1) Check your fuses, if that doesnt work time to get multimeter out.


2) i too have seen load of threads on the mk1 focus clusters and fords recall...Probs best to ring them and ask.


I've done the test and it still doesnt appear.  I've got 300 miles to go until it clicks over to 1000.  I'll know then if either its the cluster or if someone tampered with the mileage.  Will update at the weekend


ok, so its hit 1000 today and is now showing 1015 as the miles, advice please before I go back to them and have a go about VOSA to them.  Even if the car has no warranty it was advertised as 70k, and that must have been gathered from somewhere.  I'm happy with the car apart from this and I've fixed all the other issues.



VOSA wont be interested in this and neither are DVLA. The only people who may be is trading standards if the car didnt have a sticker on dash saying the mileage may be incorrect...soon as that is there they can say what ever mileage they want.

You can take it back by law within 6 months of purchase from a dealer be it indy or franchise. They will have to fix it otherwise give them 3 chances and you can get a full refund as the car will be classed as unfit for purpose
Further to last they may have got it from last MOT cert and counted average mileage since or they plugged in IDS...that asks you to confirm odo

it was mot'd in nov and had a mileage recorded.  if they deny anything, how can it be rectified?

Unless u got pics then its your word against theirs. But the fact its a part ex car doesnt matter you still legally have warranty if within 6 months

it was advertised on autotrader as 78k, waiting for log book to come through and maybe contact previous owner.  If they say it was ok, then the garage have tampered with it and thats a criminal offence however you look at it.

If your not happy with the car take it back, tell them car is not fit for purpose, get a full refund and buy another elsewhere
I would take it back check vosa website you can find out online its mot mileage from that you can alter the mileage with the right know how and equipment well a laptop and a programme and remove miles i believe ford fitted theres with a tamper device that will cause the display to not read correctly if tampered with all you needs the mot certificate if that mileage is higher than it is now the garage will look very stupid they are supposed to check may be worth the £5 credit on youre phone doing a text check also

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