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Full Version: Lost My Nut!
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hello all!


really hoping someone can help here!


ive lost my locking wheel nut key and cannot find the key number anywhere!


the car was serviced/mot in april and i was told the rear pads were worn, how do they know this if the dont take the wheels off?


anyways if worse comes to worse they will have to be broken off, now can i get the breaker nut and do it myself or should i take it to some garage?


thanks all




Do you have disc's or drums ? , does seems strange how they know if they are worn if you have drums .


Ford might be able to remove the locking nuts for you , i would imagine they carry at least some spare's.

If the wheels are OEM , they may be able to insert your VIN number and order your a new Key.


I know when i damaged my locking nut on a Vauxhall , three tire place's would not even try through fear of damaging the wheel or snapping the bolt , they said they either had to many problems removing them ot too many claims against them.


In the end the dealer charged me one hours labour , and welded a bolt to them to extract them.

I have discs all round so I assume the just peeked through the alloy which are standard 5 spoke Zetec.

I rang ford parts who said they were Mcgard bolts and I need the key which I have no idea where it is as I just got given a locking wheel but in a plastic bag.

I've checked all the books and docs I got from when I bought it and not a sausage.

Guna just have to call round see whose willing to risk it :-P

Will the locking nut removal kits you can pick up from halfords not work?

hi if you take it to a reputable garage there is a special socket to remove locking wheel nuts. PS take a new set and have them all replaced
I've heard of this socket of which you speak.

Hopefully a garage near me will help out.

At least I know how I'm spending my Saturday morning :-P
Brunel Ford where I bought the car from want £95 to remove it. Guna see if I can get I cheaper elsewhere

take a hammer n chisel to em yourself then buy a set of mcgaurds with key for 20quid


its what i did

I've got me a new set and went to Halfords today and picked up a removed key but the air gun we used didn't have the torque to do it so going to use another in the morning.

Was the hammer & chisel difficult/take a long time? Mite be worth a shot

didnt take me long no.. :D


or the other way is getting a socket thats like a mm bigger n bashing it on with a hammer, so it grips the wheel nut and you simple remove it as normal


watch this here



are your wheel nuts the type with a rotating collar on em?

Theres no rotating collar.

What I bought was a socket with a reverse thread which is supposed to attach itself and simply remove much like that video.

Fingers crossed for the morning need to put new brakes disc and pads on plus paint the calipers :-P
Also what kind of chisel best?

I only have wood chisels which arnt going to help much :-P
sockets are case hardened and can explode when you hammer them on. however impact sockets are soft and do not. the spiral splined socket for the job tightens onto the lug and can be removed easily after removal, where as when you bash another socket on you probably won't get it off. if you have the correct socket as you say use an air gun or a heavy duty pry bar cost £10. you can chisel them off but you can split your alloy wheel not recommended.

I spent all weekend trying to get them off with a halfords Removel key which has a reverse thread that supposed to be able to bit the nut, I gave up mostly because we noticed (rookie Mistake) that there was a sleeve of sorts covering the locking nut making it more difficult to remove.


Ive uploaded so pics, any ideas on how to remove it?







I was reading this thread thinking "how lucky you haven't got the same locking nuts that I had, with the spinning outer collar". Then I read your last post and my heart went out to you...


All is not lost though. I had similar problem, except I had the key. Managed to get two of my lock nuts off with little problem, but third was a pita, and managed to warp the key, so it wouldn't fit on any more. Ended up going to local tyre center, where he was reluctant to have ago. Turned out he thought he might break them, to which I said go for it.


So he drilled down between the collar and the inner fixed part, and then smashed it with a chisel, to break the spinning collar off. Then he used one of thoses reverse thread sockets to get the middle off. Still took about twenty minutes though.

It truly is a bar steward these locking nuts!

I've got a drill with the bits and pieces do ill give it a go this weekend.

Should be straight forward.

Most of the tyre places round my way won't attempt it and I really don't want to throw money at the ford dealership, if I could get them off myself :-P

take it to your dealer. I didn't and it cost me 80 quid for a new wheel, as they could not remove the nut, and had to axle grind the wheel off...


I then popped to the dealer a week later after replacing the wheel, my locking wheel nut shattered as my key disintegrated. They took all four lock nuts off for a fiver of beer money...


My local dealer want £95 to remove them.


It seems like a lot considering they 'claim' to have a master key which should only be 20 min job.


:| I guess I used to pay my local dealer more than enough in repairs they were happy to do me a favour!


but all they did was pulled out a box full of lock nuts, found the one that looked the nearest, then stuck it on, 5 minutes later...


thats what im worried about......


You sound like your stuck well and truely


I really dont know what to suggest, you need it off, but shy of going at them with a chissel, you can only really go to ford.


Mite just have to get the parent to pay for it as an early birthday present :P 


Safe to say I shall keep the new locking wheel nut key  somewhere SUPER SAFE! :ph34r: 


lol, its a birthday present that will definately be cared for!


Its a sod of a sitation to be in, I was obviously very fortunate when the faeces hit the fan


after all this it turns out to be underneath your spare in the boot...Thats where i keep mine. along with a spare wrench and some wd40.


If that was even a possibility I would rip the boot apart, take the side panels off, check EVERYWHERE that its definately not in the car, under the seats, down the sides to be 110% sure that I wasnt going to stuff myself over...

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