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Full Version: Brake scraping noise, vibration. Discs and pads
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About 6 months ago I got the car back from having a wheel bearing replaced - near side. About 2 weeks later I started getting a scraping noise coming from the same side (front) when braking. I took the car in but the mechanic said he reckoned it was just crud getting into the discs / pads and advised me to clean the wheel arches.

The noise got worse and I got juddering and vibration when braking. I decided that the disc was worn and replaced BOTH discs and pads on BOTH sides myself. Bingo, the noise dissappeared............

..........for about 2-3 weeks...and then came back! Aggghh. Now the brake is starting to vibrate again (although not as badly) - so I am almost back to square one and a few quid lighter.

Any ideas what this could be. I was wondering whether the hub or wheel was set out of alignment when the mechanic stripped and reassembled during the bearing replacement.

Something's definitely out of wack.

The scraping/vibration to me would normally suggest a warped disc, but you shouldn't get that with a new disc - even a cheap rubbishy one should last a lot longer than that.

I'd take the car back and insist that he checks his work. Alternatively, go elsewhere for a second opinion. There seems to be an increasing number of 'mechanics' around that have all the mechanical aptitude of a small piece of fruit.

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