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Full Version: Passenger Door Won't Unlock With Remote Fob
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First post on the forum with an issue that I  hope someone may be able to help with:


I am able to lock my S-Max with the remote fob by double clicking and all the central locking latches on all 4 doors move to the locked position.  However, when I activate the fob to unlock (1 x click), the passenger door latch fails to unlock and I have to lean across from the drivers seat to unlock the door manually. 


I have taken the passenger door panel off and taken a look - the catenary wire running from the latch to the lock works ok when I operate the lock manually and I can see the white paddle at the lock operate.  I thought at first that this may be sticking so I fired in some WD40 to see if that did the trick, but to no avail.


Does anyone have any ideas before I get to the point of stripping out the lock and taking a look at that?






i would take a looksie at the wiring in the door gator.


sounds like the locking mechanism is seizing.


Thanks for the advice lads.


I will take a look at what you suggest this weekend and let you know what I find.




One click on the fob ONLY unlocks the drivers door.

You need to do TWO clicks on the fob to unlock the other doors.

This is a standard security feature and is supposed to do this.


IIRC though it can be disabled. so its a one click unlock all doors, sit in car, press and hold lock and unlock buttons for ten seconds whilst sat in driver seat. Indicators should blink then one click unlock should be active.


I have had the car just over two years and I think that this was done before my purchase (car was 1 year registered when I bought it).


Since I have had it, it has always been 1 click to open all doors and two clicks to lock all doors.

Holding both lock & unlock buttons on the fob till the blinkers flash cycle between the 2 options (only driver's or all doors).
Single click on lock button locks all doors, double click dead-bolts all doors.

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