Evening everyone

I have a 2005 focus 2.0 petrol and I'm having a lot of intermittent power problems.

One day car will be perfect drive nice and then the next utter cack!
I have the engine management light come up and then lose power pulling off. Then Sometimes when I turn off and then go back in later the light goes off and away she performs as good as the day I bought her.

Now I've had the car plugged in with a mate of mine when the light comes on and it comes up with dtc009

I've ordered a new throttle position sensor for the air manifold as my mate reckoned these play up but I've also read on here that it could be a break down on the wiring loom. Now I've got in touch with ford and they say the loom is complete and doesn't break down for this section, can someone help and I don't want to spend that much to repair it as I don't think I'd need to replace the complete loom. Any ford codes for this loom would be a great help so I can ignore the money grabbing git behind the counter and get what I need, rather than something I don't need.

Any help with problem people have suffered would be a great great help