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Full Version: Help! Drivebelt Change Gone Wrong
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Just started it up did idler pulleys tensioner belt and crank on a tdci it started up and within 20 seconds the tensioner was shaking very fast and making a loud rattling noise all bolts were loctited and tightened, tensioner pulley was torqued,

What happened? Is it the crank?

air con pump bearings I reckon, another of Fords little shortcomings. Done quite a few now showing similar symptoms

Should I switch back old crank pulley and see if it helps
Oh bollocks... Is there a way of confirming its the ac pump? Any other symptoms, it wasn't doing it on the old tensioner,

It's shaking at the pivot where it bolts to the bracket I'm gonna see If I can get an Allen key down there and tighten it up further,

Belts seated fine and tensions perfect,

can you get a video??


Its a bit hard to diagnose without seeing it.


Yes trying the old tensioner might be an idea. Ive had one on a mk1 focus replaced the lot and it vibrated like mad so put the new pulley on the old tensioner = fixed LOL

I've taken it back off, much easier 2nd time round got the tensioner off in about 10 mins!

I should of taken a vid but essentially the tensioner itself was shaking around? Where it joins on to the bracket via an Allen bolt, that lower area, upon inspection it seems tight I torqued it down and theres no play at that join, idler pulleys running straight with no movement,

However the spring where it joins on to the tensioner is a tad loose and has movement but looking at the condition of the old one doubt could be that...

When I attached the crank pulley I torqued it down tippexed a point and air gunned it approx 90 degrees,

its your tensioner spring i'd say. aftermarket tensioners can be really bad from some places. i wouldnt buy 1,id just prefer to buy a new spring(but even these are sometimes rubbish)

just read your post agin. do you mean the bush part that joins the spring to tensioner is loose?

silly question-are you positive youve routed the belt properly? lol :blink:

Lol yep belts been routed properly but my friend who owns the car received some interesting news earlier which has now rendered the car scrap! So all that work for nothing, 😔
Ahh do tell. Now my curiosity's peaked

i got a thread in general chat, but essentially the car is a Cat B write off and has been scrapped according to hpi check! :(


ouch sore one

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