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Full Version: Car Shuddering At Speed Mainly In 3Rd And 4Th, Sometimes In 5Th
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hello, i have just joined the forums today searching for some help on my 2004, 1.8 mk3 mondeo 



i bought the car about 3 weeks ago and since buying it it has been shuddering under acceleration normally when i reach around 40mph mainly happens in 3rd and 4th and when i get fast enough in 5th that too....when i take my foot off the accelerator it stops, ive had it to my friend (mechanic) and he had a good look over the drive shafts etc and checked the wheels etc he finally diagnosed the problem as 1 of two things, 1. the pressure plate OR 2. the flywheel... 


atm i cant really afford to do either atm so have left it but just the other day i had noticed i was doing about 55mph in 4th with no shuddering it lasted a few days at that before retuning to has left  both me and my mechanic stumped though he stll thinks clutch/gearbox/flywheel issues so i thought i'd take it to the forums and see if anyone could recommend anything atall 



*edit* the clutch is somewhat spongy though my friend thinks its because of bent fins on the pressure plate


thanks alot in advance




i had a problem like yours before,& i changed the dmf at great expense,only to find the original problem was dodgy mounts

but i have to say,it most probably is clutch/fw related

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